PL: Arsenal vs Crystal Palace | Monday, 18th October | KO: 20:00 BST | Sky Sports

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Remember the last match against was Roy's big goodbye, so the officials just let their players do whatever they wanted, hoping they would get a result.

Chambers nearly had his leg broken, while Benteke punched Elneny in the face...was mental :lol:


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We haven't beaten them at home in the last three attempts (2D 1L). Last time we beat them at home was 20th of January 2018 (4-1).


Does anyone know if there’ll be available tickets for Monday nights game ?
For now they’re reserved to red members, will it open up to all members at some point between today and tomorrow?


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Yeah I don't think a home game vs a side who'll be lower mid-table at best is a great judge of "how far we've come" tbh. This should be an absolute banker comfortable 3 points , anything less is a huge underperformance. A 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, etc is what should be happening here and it won't get an extra plaudits from me.

The measure of how far we've come will be the consistency of our performances and results. So far we've yet to see this and over the next few weeks will be a better indicator.
True, but the fact we should be winning it means this will tell me a lot if we don't. I agree that a win doesn't mean too much but another loss or draw speaks volumes and should mean Arteta should be looking over his shoulder. We could be hitting the dizzy heights of seventh place if we win. How far we have fallen that even that seems good now!


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who ever score first should win this. Neither team has many goals in them. Only norwich has scored less than uss and 4 of our 7 games we failed to score. I think it will be 0-1 to palace


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Mikel, if you manage to bottle this win, I swear to God I'll lose what's left of my mind. This is an amazing chance to move 2 points away from a Champions League spot. Take it!


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Very difficult to call this one, so I won't. Just can't see where the chances are going to come from.


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Like I said before, I think we'll win but it will be a grind. We'll probably score from a half chance and sit back to defend our lead. Then A-M will (as usual) tell me we've turned a corner.


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I wonder if this is a match where at the start we are thinking "At last football is back!" and after 45 minutes we will think " Ooh.. I wished the international break was longer"


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I'm a little bit scared about this game because sometimes when we have many days off we need so much minutes to be involved again on the pitch. Hopefully I expect that we can change that today and have a good start.
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