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Should we cross the ball lots given we are taller than Leeds?

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Eating meat is dirty when you think about it, on all levels. You’re eating a living thing, that is also injected and infected with chemicals and germs.

I eat chicken nearly every day though.
I’ve been torn on this for years. The industrial food production and meat packing industry here in the US is disgusting.

The wife is pretty close to entirely vegan, so I rarely eat red meat anymore. But we live in the center of the country so we have access to some honestly raised, non-commercial meat. And when I get beef like that it’s heavenly.


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Leaving doom and gloom predictions in here pre-match tbh is so basic b*tch. Just a little vent at all of that stuff I saw earlier.
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Match Prediction

  • Arsenal Win

    Votes: 23 52.3%
  • Draw

    Votes: 7 15.9%
  • Sheffield United Win

    Votes: 14 31.8%