PL: Arsenal vs West Ham United | Saturday, September 19 | KO: 20:00 BST | Sky Sports

Match prediction

  • Arsenal win

    Votes: 83 93.3%
  • Draw

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  • West Ham win

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Poor peformance but we got the result we wanted.

Ceballos was our best player. Gabriel and Holding had good peformances but the rest of the team were underwhelming. Poor decision making in the final third (Saka in particular and uncharacteristically was very bad at this outside the pre assist).


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You must admit that we looked more confident with Martinez at the back for the end of the FA cup campaign. I agree it’d be a huge gamble to commit to Martinez over Leno, given history... but Martinez was way more confident in commanding the box in the past few months.
He's so bad in the air I sincerely believe the players worry about having him behind them. I wouldn't say Emi was a world beater but fück me he could at least exude some confidence in his box.

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Hope KT is fit for next week. I didn’t think Kolas was terrible but Tierney is so key to the way we both defend and attack.


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Who knows this is another Arteta masterclass:

"Lads, lets win the game! But make it look harder than it looks so the board still thinks we need Partey and Aouar!"


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We were definitely sh*t but I thought you were pretty decent at containing us, you looked much better compared to the Newcastle game

We look the same against every team, honestly. The tactic is always the same, with chance creation being more down to the opposition making mistakes rather than creating from a passing foundation. There's no rhyme or reason in our results, it's a dice roll.

We basically try to contain every team deep and sprint forward once the ball is won.


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Agreed but I didnt want to be the one that harped on about it :) Now you have though, Leno flapped and punched like a girl, Emi would have taken control of his box and caught it clean!

Yeah really weak. He's not really great with his feet. Think he's just a good shot stopper tbh. Selling him was always a difficult task after a long injury and those wages unfortunately


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Fulham and West Ham.

Last few seasons we’ve started against top 4/6 sides.

Not true...

2019/2020: beat watford, then lost at villa
2018/2019: beat Burnley, then tied Brighton
2017/2018: lost Leicester, then beat Burnley (5-0) at home
2016/2017: beat Everton, then beat sunderland
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