PL: Arsenal vs West Ham United | Saturday, September 19 | KO: 20:00 BST | Sky Sports

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  • Arsenal win

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  • West Ham win

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Not true...

2019/2020: beat watford, then lost at villa
2018/2019: beat Burnley, then tied Brighton
2017/2018: lost Leicester, then beat Burnley (5-0) at home
2016/2017: beat Everton, then beat sunderland

I think you’re reading our fixtures back to front mate. These were the final games of the season.


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Arteta is only starting Willian over Pepe because Willian acts more like a wide number 10 and can create more than Pepe. Something we obviously lack.

Auba has the left on lock, you cant drop Lacazette so sadly right now, without the desired midfielders Pepe doesnt start.


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I mostly agree. But I think Gabby was mostly good defensively except one dubious defensive header. For the most part, they attacked through Holding or Kolasinac. Gabby’s touch was a bit loose in the second half and lead to some dangerous moments. Overall I think he looked better than our defenders have in a long time.
Not hard to be better than our recent defenders. Just thought he looked a bit clumsy in certain moments but that was probably due to the fact he had two severely limited players around him.

I do like him a lot though, stick Tierney back in the team and put Luiz/Saliba next to him and it looks a lot better. I’m just praying we can add some physicality/class to that midfield

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We'll finish 8th again this season. This team is so poor, Arteta doesn't seem to have the ability to change his system during a match. That was total Emery-football today. It works against the top sides but that's it.

Partey and Aouar might improve our squad but still there's so much lack of quality in this squad. We got dominated by David ****ing Moyes' West Ham at home ffs :facepalm:

He only makes like for like subs. Usually a winger for a winger or Laca for Eddie. The problem is often that we need more impetus in midfield. They were poor both on and off the ball today.

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I thought he got there last season tbh but his stats are pretty good and paupers like us can't afford to cut our losses in a timely fashion. Well have to make him work better somehow. Gracias Raul :(
At this point, his value is only going one way. He won't be sold this year but if he doesn't improve, he goes next summer. He'll still be youngish so someone will take a punt hopefully.


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Pepe is getting to the point where you cut your losses.

Thing is he's tricky but he's not powerful. There was one bit where he did well to get past someone and he had space to run but he was pushed off the ball by the next guy, if he had more power he'd have pushed past him and been in on goal.

He's a frustrating winger capable of moments of brilliance. I'd keep him unless a sort of player + cash deal popped up. Like if you could send him to Dortmund with 70m in cash in exchange for Sancho or Haaland you'd do it without hesitation.

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At this point, his value is only going one way. He won't be sold this year but if he doesn't improve, he goes next summer. He'll still be youngish so someone will take a punt hopefully.
He's 25. Two months younger than Bellerin who many have written off. We owe £32m for him so we might break even at this stage but after the effort he showed in the cup final, strolling around and looking lost is not an option. He's another goldilocks player by the look of it.


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But Xhaka has been selected by every manager and starts for Switzerland so he must be good or something

It's called the Xhaka feedback loop. He starts for them cos he starts for us, and then we see he's being selected all the time so play it goes on and on ad infinitum
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