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  1. kash2

    kash2 Obsessed With Jury

    unflushable ****
  2. Dennsb247

    Dennsb247 New Member

    garbage he was bought as a near finished product

    just like the rest of the 30-60 M pound players we buy. If I saw evolution in his game as he try’s to match the intensity If the prem then I may be more understanding.
  3. Aussie_gunner123

    Aussie_gunner123 Well-Known Member

    You are spot on there about our strikers this year, at times & important times they have either not shot hard enough or just in a good position for the keeper to make the save, easy save. The only player who shot in the right direction tonight was our goal scorer Pepe, you've got to commend him, what a strike. Saka was very unlucky though, that was going in, the keeper wouldn't have got their, I thought that was going in. Auba & Laca have to improve their finishing though, Laca especially, too many easy & soft shots, especially headers. If the players aim for the corner & the keeper is central, shot hard enough you'll see so many more of those shots going in & a lit more goals so a few different results perhaps.
  4. Aussie_gunner123

    Aussie_gunner123 Well-Known Member

    He's one of the players that have to go, he's been absolutely hopeless too many times. Once again, held on the ball way too long like normal.
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  5. Sapient Hawk

    Sapient Hawk The Reason We're Out of Europe

    The unadulterated truth yet, as suffering fans, we can only aim our displeasure at the most visible culprits & unfortunately, he's front & centre.

    I hate to be this petty but I've been left with little recourse :lol:
  6. Make

    Make Active Member

    We are being terrible since 2010 more or less. I would like to know when this club could fight to get again the PL or to fight seriously in European competition. Every year I always think that that year it could be our year and we can win something but when you see our squad how they play on the pitch my dream bit by bit starts to fall
  7. kash2

    kash2 Obsessed With Jury

    how can any players respect the club or the manager, when they see Guendouzi fannying around like he owns the place, and Özil treated as if he was a charity case from the projects.

    You cannot develop a competitive and merit-based culture if you pull crap like that.
  8. Dennis_Bergkamp_10

    Dennis_Bergkamp_10 Well-Known Member

    We haven't been terrible since 2010, since 2017/18 we've been goddamn awful. We had Koscielny, Cazorla, Alexis, Özil, Ramsey, Wilshere in their prime around 2014/15 and played some good football which led many to believe we could compete sooner rather than later.

    Of course we've had our big game losses but I also remember us beating Barcelona, United 3-0, Liverpool 4-1 with the team on fire. We could match City (Community Shield win for instance), beat Chelsea in the FA Cup Final.. thats not terrible.

    What we've been doing since Wenger's last season is terrible. We moved from technical quick football to mimicking Stoke City.
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  9. Aussie_gunner123

    Aussie_gunner123 Well-Known Member

    No way can you do that, it's almost just getting ridiculous now how he consistently does that. He shows energy at least though, only good thing about his game. You'd think a few of the players are starting to get sick of it aswell, why can't Arteta do something about it though.
  10. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    I have become very nostalgic recently about our 2013-2015 period, as you listed many good characters and very good players there.

    Worryingly I feel it will be quite a while before I have that level of connection with the club again :(
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  11. Bill

    Bill New Member

    ...hi Jerry, long time lurker first post...just wanted to add that im not sure its current Boss man who is at fault. I dont have access to live games but what i see is a bloody toxic culture that starts with our greedy maggot owner (shave ya wanka) ...why is our beautiful club so toxic? Why are we less that mid table lower league clubs? Are we not ARSENAL!!!!! end Kronke
  12. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    Just the way life sometimes is mate, we have made many bad decisions and now this is where we are...agree it's not Arteta's fault.

    Arsenal had an "up" period, now this is a "down" period...just gonna have to all come to terms with it.
  13. Bill

    Bill New Member

    I guess its just 'interesting' at best to see such an amazing decline in our beautiful club. This idea of no money i cant grasp...are we the end of a bad bet? I dont get it...we are no longer desired as a place as we have become toxic....*side note i have worn my arsenal tops everyday the last 10yr..every service its there!! You would hope for anything as a kid...these maggots get how much per week? Act like fools. ..bring in Kevin Muscat! !!
  14. kash2

    kash2 Obsessed With Jury

    Its like he is the owners son or something ...weird dynamic.. everyone has to cover for him..
  15. Trilly

    Trilly The John Sauce Of Ilford Trusted

    Haven’t done my taxes I’m too turnt up.
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  16. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Contrarian

    I may be harsh on them and have my own complaints but we would have won this game if Xhaka and Torreira were starting tbh. Arsenal drop 15 points a season because of injuries. We're only now playing with 2 actual fullbacks after how many years?
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  17. Aussie_gunner123

    Aussie_gunner123 Well-Known Member

    Dropping 15 points per year because of injuries, mathematically that would mean we'd be on 55 & in 3rd place, I doubt we'd be that high up, your right about winning if we had those 2 though I'd say.
  18. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Contrarian

    Let's say 10 points then.
  19. Aussie_gunner123

    Aussie_gunner123 Well-Known Member

    We'd probably be in 5th-6th spot I'd say. We probably have lost a few more games due to injuries though.
  20. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Established Member

    I never have time to do this, but I have on this occasion. I watched the match again and noted all the actions by our midfielders.

    0.25 Guendouzi drives then plays a ball inside the fullback to Pepe.

    0.50 Brighton breakaway, Guendouzi retreats to centre half before he steps out to make a tackle. Midfield is nowhere to be seen.

    1.16 Ceballos gets the ball forward, gets it back, then loses it while trying to pass sideways.

    1.31 block by Saka

    3.44 Saka loses the ball

    3.52 Saka pass backwards

    3.59 Saka makes an angle plays it sideways

    4.11 Guendouzi pointing at centre backs where to pass and to move it faster.

    4.45 Ceballos high up pressing, leads to turnover and shot.

    5.23 aggressive press by Saka, leads to wayward pass, Guendouzi collects plays it to Ceballos, doesn't check shoulders, cruyff turns straight into player, gets tackled.

    5.40 Guendouzi points

    5.53 Guendouzi side steps to create space plays it sideways.

    6.52 Guendouzi accelerates and moves to create space rather than just jog around the centre circle marking himself out of the game. He didn't get the ball. But he moved.

    7.14 Saka pulls wide drives forward, plays the ball, gets it back, hits the bar.

    7.45 long ball, Guendouzi loses 50/50, Saka then wins 50/50, gets fouled. Note that he got clattered hard. Gets up straight away.

    8.11 Guendouzi pointing

    8.16 Ceballos loses the ball

    8.25 Guendouzi checks his shoulders, receives it off Kola, he has the option of a quick forward pass to Ceballos, checks back, points, plays it to Mustafi.

    8. 27 Ceballos first time pass over the top to Pepe, not executed well, but Pepe wins the duel.

    8.58 Brighton have the ball in their own third, both Saka and Ceballos are forward, Guendouzi has backed off to the point where he is almost between the centre backs. Big hole in midfield.

    9.20 first triangle between Ceballos, Saka and Guendouzi.

    9.40 Guendouzi finds Saka between the lines.

    9.51 Saka takes it down a cul de sac, loses ball.

    9.56 nice touch by Ceballos, but Saka was offside.

    12.06 foul by Saka, covering Kola.

    12.52 Guendouzi clears for a corner.


    13.27 Ceballos breaks. Has the chance to play it down the line to Pepe, cuts back. Goes sideways to Guendouzi.

    13.36 sideways pass by Guendouzi

    13.44 sideways pass by Guendouzi

    15.14 forward pass attempted by Saka, cut out.

    16.27 Saka pulls wide, plays a pass forward, makes a run

    17.15 Saka breaks into box, gets tackled.

    17.21 ceballos picks up loose ball plays it backwards.

    17.27 Guendouzi plays it sideways

    18.40 Guendouzi picks up loose ball. Plays it sideways

    18.48 Guendouzi plays it sideways


    24.40. Ceballos doesn't even attempt to win three ball. Just jockeys. Our players love to do that.

    25. 33 Saka fouled

    25.54 Guendouzi plays it backwards

    30.04 second triangle by our midfield. Ball laid off to Guendouzi by Ceballos. Guendouzi plays it wide to Saka.

    30.14 good ball into the box by Saka.

    32.22 forward pass by Saka

    32.39 backwards pass by Ceballos

    32.41 Guendouzi pointing

    32.50 Guendouzi passes forward, intercepted, then gets nut megged, gives foul away.

    34.00 Guendouzi shields well and plays it forward

    34.49 Ceballos loses the ball with a simple pass. Gives away foul. He's then too slow to close down the long ball that Leno gets injured from. Just so frustrating watching how casual it all is.

    40.24 backwards pass by Guendouzi

    40.34 cross cut out by Guendouzi

    40.38 Ceballos loses header

    40.42 Guendouzi shanks clearance for corner


    42.03 Saka backwards pass.

    42.54 Guendouzi drives forward, loses ball.

    48. 20 Chance to break and play ball to Pepe who would be 1v1 on the wing, CebLlos turns back, got clipped, delays , falls to the ground holding his ankle.

    44. 50 Saka rolls the midfielder who kicks everyone, dribbles away from him, then gets tackled.

    45.00 Guendouzi plays it forward to Ceballos who plays it forward to Auba. Bad pass, loses the ball.

    45.38 Ceballos receives on half turn, turns, plays it forwards to Auba.

    45.54 Guendouzi pointing and walking.

    45.59 Guendouzi pointing and walking.

    46.22 Backwards pass by Guendouzi

    46.41 Lay off from Ceballos to Guendouzi, forward pass to Lacazette, Bellerin, back to Guendouzi, good pass wide to Saka, good cross in.

    47.23 Ceballos lets ball run under foot, Brighton break.

    47.35 Guendouzi shuts down player Ceballos comes away with ball, back to Guendouzi, forward to Auba.

    48.38 forward pass by Saka to Ceballos.

    48.40 Ceballos to Auba

    50.00 Guendouzi loses aerial battle, tries to dive.

    2nd half

    45.57 Saka dribbled past

    47.11 Guendouzi goes into challenge, ball breaks to Pepe who plays it to Ceballos. Plays pass to release Auba with left foot, under hit nut Auba rescues it.

    47.40 Guendouzi steps out to intercept ball then is fouled.

    48.00 Bellerin looks to bench to decide what to do with free kick. Ridiculous

    48. 22 Saka wins the ball on the edge of the box from the cleared header, plays it to Pepe. Who is 1v1, he is tackled breaks to Ceballos who plays a cross into the defender.

    49.20 Saka shifts it, plays it to Auba,

    50.10 Guendouzi drives forward, turns back plays it sideways.

    50.42 Saka played in by Auba, shot saved, offside

    51 30 no communication between Mustafi and Ceballos ball goes behind both of them

    52. 10 Saka breaks, passes to Auba, just offside


    55.42 Saka and Ceballos give the ball away between them trying to break. Ceballos is tackled, rolls around on the floor.

    55.51 Guendouzi mistimes header, leads to shot on goal.


    57.50 Ceballos receives in right half space , plays it to Bellerin.

    58.02 ceballos tries to pass the ball to Saka even though Lacazette is lying in the way. Luckily goes through his legs.

    58 10 Saka to Auba. Auba fouled.

    59.21 Ceballos recovers rebound and plays back to Bellerin.

    59.27 Guendouzi pulls to right back, plays it to Pepe and runs forward.

    60.00 Ceballos receives the ball from throw in, gets tackled, rolls on the ground.

    61.30 Saka pulls wide onto left wing, plays backwards

    62.02 Ceballos presses on right flank, gets bypassed, ball breaks to him, plays it to Pepe

    63.00 Ceballos heads to Bellerin and gets it back in the left back position. Turns plays it to keeper.

    63.18 Guendouzi gets it at right back, turns back plays it back.

    63.35 Ceballos gets it in left half space, takes 5 touches, tries to switch play and under hits.

    63.45 Ceballos lays it to Mustafi

    63.52 ceballos plays between lines to aubas front foot instead of back foot, loses the ball.

    65.10 Saka picks it up in left back, one two with Auba, moves up left flank, plays it forward to auba.

    66.30 Guendouzi collects ball in central midfield, gets tackled, Brighton break. Ends in cross collected by keeper.

    66.40 distributes to Ceballos at left back, plays it to Auba.

    67.04 gets it back, shimmies past one player, plays it to saka, moves it to Pepe, goal.

    70.05 ceballos tackle on edge of the box.

    71.40 Ceballos, Saka unable to win the ball edge of our box, Guendouzi wins it, dribbles to right back and gets fouled.

    72.50 Guendouzi miscontrols ball to Brighton player.

    74.25 short corner, same set up. goal.

    75.35 ridiculous blind flick attempt by Ceballos near the centre circle, attempted to go to Guendouzi goes no where near him causing Lacazette to challenge in a 50 50.

    78.34 Saka on the left, plays it to Guendouzi on the edge of the box.

    78. 40 guendouzi square to Bellerin

    78.40 ceballos runs into the box, gets it off pepe, cross blocked.

    79.36 the foul given on Nketiah where kola gets cleaned out in the box is unbelievable.

    80.00 cleared first time by Guendouzi from right back

    81.00 Saka and Ceballos work the ball to Nketiah who is fouled.

    81.28 Guendouzi sideways

    81.38 Guendouzi switches left to saka

    81 56 Saka to Auba, gets it back and plays it to Eddie

    82.04 guendouzi to Ceballos, back to Guendouzi, back to Mustafi

    82.15 Saka shot blocked

    82.40 Ceballos cross

    83.14 Ceballos loses duel

    83.25 perfect opportunity to take out Maupay. Kola bottles it.

    84.08 short corner still on...

    85.00 Guendouzi to Ceballos, ceballos to holding.

    85.22 Saka fouled

    86 00 effective build up for the first time in thr match down the right hand side. Bellerin picks up the ball on the touchline, plays it infield to ceballos, pepe moves in field and attracts the midfielder, Ceballos plays it between the full back and centre half for bellerin to run on it. Frozen at this moment, there is a line of 5 players running towards to the goal. Poor cross from bellerin means it doesn't go near any of them, all four in the box...

    86. 13 Ceballos retrieves and wins throw.

    87.00 Ceballos and Saka subbed off.

    From this point, midfield is a mess, there is no shape.
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