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  1. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Established Member

    The midfield is the major problem in this team. Part of it is personnel and part of it is the manager. We have major issues. I wont go to deep on it as I'd like to see the Southampton game to see I'd he resolves it, but two points.

    The first is -the players did not fall asleep on the corner, we set up the same way before it and after it. There are multiple times for Arteta to address it and he doesn't. It's simply his fault.

    The second- we cant build up play. Look at the following passing combinations from highest to lowest.

    Kola to holding
    Holding to kola
    Holding to mustafi
    Mustafi to holding
    Mustafi to pepe
    Bellerin to mustafi
    Martinez to holding
    Guendouzi to mustafi
    Bellerin to ceballos
    Kola to saka
    Kola to guendouzi
    Pepe to bellerin
    Ceballos to auba
    Pepe to mustafi
    Guendouzi to holding
    Holding to Martinez
    Ceballos to guendouzi 6 passes
    Guendouzi to ceballos 5 passes
    Guendouzi to saka 4 passes
    Ceballos to pepe 2 passes
    Ceballos to saka 1

    The midfield barely pass to each other let alone any of the forwards. We try and progress the ball down the wings but cant. It's actually pathetic.
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  2. moloso

    moloso Active Member

    It's been this way for a long time tbf to Arteta. It's frustrating as all it takes is for someone to show a bit of confidence and frankly, some pride to try and hold onto the ball and commit an opposition player and you can get something going but it's like everyone ****s their pants and wants to play a safe pass.

    It's not even playing against an active press - city literally just stood everyone in our half and we totally shut down.

    Looking back at the City game and I think it will help having a fitter Tierney, he looks like he is willing to carry the ball and actually hold onto it. Same obviously with Saka there. Unfortunately, no other defenders have the ability or confidence to do similar other than (maybe) Luiz.
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