PL: Burnley vs Arsenal | Saturday, 18th September | KO: 15:00 BST

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We looked slightly okay against the worse team in the league. Every one keep harping on about our "30 shots" but if you watched the game you can't help but feel that we looked poor for most of the game. Up until last season when they beat us at home 1-0 can't really seem to remember the last time Burnley beat us. Hopefully Arteta doesn't break any new record.





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Look you're one of my favourite posters and I got respect for you cuz but I have to call you out there I feel like you have agenda and I'm not having it :lol:
Just winding up certain man tbh I am ambivalent to this match if you want me to be 100% with you.


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First sub Should be Lokonga for one of saka or ESR both look out of it specially saka every touch he loses it


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Pick a side bro, pick a goddamn side. It’s ESR v Pepe for the rest of the season.

Loool naa that's mad, both are good in my books and I hope both succeed.

Now when it was Willian vs Pepe, that was a war I was on the frontlines for, ya get me.

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Its so frustrating to watch this team attack! So little movement and precision

The only time you see some dynamic attacking movement is when we turnover the ball and counter attack.

We look far too rigid and static on the pitch. Arteta is thus given time to implement this positional play until he has the best possible in every position.
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