PL: Chelsea v Arsenal | Tuesday, January 21 | KO: 20:15 GMT | BT Sport

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El Granit-Coq

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Go to 1:10. That tackle was judged to be a "genuine" attempt at the ball and so the defender only got a yellow card. I know it's not a PL ref but it's still an elite ref that was selected to even ref the final. Surely standards are consistent across all IFAB refs.

What is Luiz ment to do in that situation? Just let Abraham have a free shot at an empty net without making even an attempt to stop him? Madness. I could understand if it was a cynical swipe ala Guendouzi later on on Mount but Luiz clearly tries to play the ball for me.

That is why we need an independent board that reviews referee decisions. Absolutely vile how most refs can actually dictate the game.

VAR is a start but again, that needs an outside view as well. Most refs are so annoying.

Rewatching the game and that was a really harsh decision on Luiz.

On another note, past hating Mustafi and just feel sorry for him. Mustafi needs to take time off and find Freud or something. Guy needs help, the way he plays and his inability to take responsibility is something only a God can fix.


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Just watched the match, good point given the circumstances Mustafi put us in..

Thought Saka was awful, just like Mustafi. A lot of mistakes, but that's not odd given his age. Regarding Mustafi, I'm starting to feel for him. He looks like a deer staring I'm headlights knowing he's made another crucial error.

That being said, we played quite well with 10 men and Xhaka did an excellent job at CB. Great goal by Martinelli too.

I do think Arteta put us in trouble by substituting 2 forwards for a midfielder and a defender. Created a lot of pressure and momentum. But as I've said, good point.
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