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PL clubs to vote on scrapping VAR

Should VAR be abolished ?

  • Yes

    Votes: 9 26.5%
  • No

    Votes: 25 73.5%

  • Total voters


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Country: England

Never going to happen. Wolves probably don''t even think it will happen but if it places more scrutiny on it then all good.


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Dear Lord. Things will get even worse if this goes through. Why can't these bald fat ****s they call referees just get things right? Look at the semi automated system instead of drawing lines wrong by hand.


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Country: Sweden
Don't see what abolishing it will fix. The refs will still be as incompetent as ever if not more so.

I think people have nostalgia goggles looking at the pre-VAR era where blatant offside goals and other shenanigans where missed regularly. Like do people want to go back to this?

It's not going to pass regardless.


Always Blaming Refs

Country: Sweden
Dear Lord. Things will get even worse if this goes through. Why can't these bald fat ****s they call referees just get things right? Look at the semi automated system instead of drawing lines wrong by hand.
Thankfully they're finally introducing it. For some dumb reason they're waiting until matchweek 10 though, no idea why. Surely it doesn't take that long to get it ready?


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It’s that Kylian Mbappe meme

I’m becoming so lazy I’m starting to type out memes instead of posting them

I don’t know, I guess my avatar ban only lasted a month or so

Ont: I think it’s right to scrap VAR. it takes away too much of what makes football special to watch for me

I meant your Sp**s avatar…


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What on earth?

VAR is done terribly but it at least gets rid of half of the blown calls from referees.

The problem isn't VAR. The problem is how terribly it's been implemented in the PL and how incompetent the people making the decisions are.


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Country: USA

People saying hope it pass are you serious? the standards of refereeing in this league is shocking without VAR PL gonna be laughing stock.
Exactly. Next season the title is on the line at the Spuds stadium and some troglodyte ref disallows an Isak winner by claiming he was offside as his bank account mysteriously adds some zeros courtesy of the UAE. Wanting to get rid of VAR is like wanting to get rid of seatbelts because some people are putting them around their ankles instead of their waists.

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This is exactly what they wanted , they've been desperate for an excuse to get rid of VAR. In every other country and in the CL VAR is fine, better than that they resolve things quickly. In the PL it's a ****show and it's been done deliberately so they'd have an excuse to try and get rid of it.


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Country: USA

The UK is a banana republic. Kind of hilarious how lock step the UK and US really are in being embarrassing together.



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Only league the world that can't make this work. VAR is fine, it's the people involved that have made it a debacle.

NHL has had video review for over 20 years ffs

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