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That was a very poor performance against the worst united team since LVG. Truly horrible. I'd take a thrashing from Liverpool or city over that that performance any day of the week. We seemed to drop 20 yards back after scoring each of our goals.

Everton are in poor form currently. Evertonians wants Rafa's head on a pike. Should be winning this easily but I think we'll take an early lead and the rise out the storm the rest of the game similar to the Leicester game.

Everton has been dire. I don't want to see that trademark cautious football. Let's go for the jugular.





Think Arteta will have to drop Auba. It's just criminal man management to continue playing him and letting take all the flak. This was one of wenger's best strength. He was extremely good at taking out his players from the firing line and taking the bullet for them.

Push Martinelli forward and play Laca behind him. But I don't think that would happen.

Think Lokonga will take his place beside Partey in midfield or we might see Tierney back for this.

Prediction: A drab, boring win

Everton 0-1 Arsenal
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He should have done better on those chances to be honest, he was definitely our best player but it probably shows our level when he’s missing chances like that, even Özil would have buried one of them.
Took unnecessary extra touches yes should take it first time still I'm seeing improvement from him and that positive but not helping when players like auba Partey simply not performing at all.

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Arteta says the team was inconsistent with the ball, no penetration and no threat. Says the team created 4 big chances but they conceded sloppy goals. Says the team tried to keep going after leading 1-0 but we lost important duels and couldn't progress the ball into the final third. Doesn't think Godfrey not being sent off was the reason they lost. Not unhappy with the structure of the team, but the execution of what they wanted to do.
So he not telling himself why this BS keep happening? How many times we going to f**k up wins from winning positions? He need to wake up or just leave as quick as possible


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Probably the worst defeat under his reign, just terrible.

Everton should have had 2 reds, we still would have lost.


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Honestly the last five days were pathetic. No difference to last year's run tbh.

Here's hoping the board is a bit more proactive this year.


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When we lose to West Ham next and Brighton + Wolves win their next games, we will be in 9th position after 16 games. But no, Arteta jockriders tell me that we are massively improved this year. **** Arteta and **** his apologists.

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This is how mourinho was sacked by Sp**s they started very season well then mourinho go to his usual self despite going ahead in many games he just go very defensive and cost the game by dropping points Arteta is just doing the same i don't believe players do it by themselves okay 1-2 games but we been doing like regularly this season and cost us the game against Crystal palace game against utd and today game and nearly cost us against Burnley and Leicester.

Fans don't like that we not some relegation team fighting for every result to get safe we have good players the quality is there to add 2-3 goals just don't get this it becoming more of habit first unai and now Arteta


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This season we have great chance of European football next season but after the last 2 games I'm just losing hope we played against 2 low on confidence teams we gone ahead and make ourselves lose the game because of inability to manage the game and concede 5 goals that's just tell me the team just don't trust themselves and manager don't trust himself too. If this was Liverpool man city or even Chelsea they would have won both games so comfertably

We're nowhere near that level but yes I agree that game management is clearly an issue.

Let's play Aubamawang

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Inexcusable to give Richarlison 3 free headers. Sure, the last one came back off the bar, but the warning signs were there. If he timed his runs better, he would have had a hattrick, which is incredible for a player who is generally inconsistent in front of goal.

Sure, Godfrey should have been off the pitch, but the truth is we let Everton bully us all game. And they got what they wanted. We cracked. Just like we always do.

Trust the process. Top 4 is at least two years away even with a competent tactician in charge. I doubt anyone still thinks Arteta's Arsenal will come good like Klopp's Liverpool did. At least Klopp had a previous record at Dortmund.

Kroenke just doesn't want to get his chequebook out for a more experienced manager.


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Given the poverty of the opposition this is probably our worst defeat this season. Not just the result but the manner of it.

I know we lost it but when Everton equalised suddenly we started passing the ball and attacking for a few minutes and created stuff. Does that mean we were on orders to defend the 0-1 throughout the second half even though we looked jittery at the back?
Absolutely and in that period we binned them like we should have done from the get go. Their winner was a wordly, counter.

Just like we did against United
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