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Loss PL: Everton 2-1 Arsenal | Monday 6th December | KO: 20:00 GMT | Sky Sports

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That was a very poor performance against the worst united team since LVG. Truly horrible. I'd take a thrashing from Liverpool or city over that that performance any day of the week. We seemed to drop 20 yards back after scoring each of our goals.

Everton are in poor form currently. Evertonians wants Rafa's head on a pike. Should be winning this easily but I think we'll take an early lead and the rise out the storm the rest of the game similar to the Leicester game.

Everton has been dire. I don't want to see that trademark cautious football. Let's go for the jugular.





Think Arteta will have to drop Auba. It's just criminal man management to continue playing him and letting take all the flak. This was one of wenger's best strength. He was extremely good at taking out his players from the firing line and taking the bullet for them.

Push Martinelli forward and play Laca behind him. But I don't think that would happen.

Think Lokonga will take his place beside Partey in midfield or we might see Tierney back for this.

Prediction: A drab, boring win

Everton 0-1 Arsenal
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Yeah if he can't get the team up for this game he really needs to go. We should be winning this just like we should have won the last game. Hopefully Everton scores first because we only seem to play when we're behind.

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An absolute must win, now with the Hammers pulling away with that fantastic win yesterday.

I’m still angry at Arteta for that joke performance at Old Trafford and it leaves me worried about a future situation where we would likely need to defy the odds to stay close to 4th spot. He isn’t filling me with confidence in such a situation.

Anyway, three points are a must here, and the next few games over this period. It’s about keeping pace this season.


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If by well you mean scraping a narrow, nervy 1 goal victory after sitting back and inviting pressure for 70 minutes once ahead then yeah, he does well against that sort of opponent.
Well enough to win. But agreed, that’s usually how it shakes out. He gets bailed out by the £500m of talent he has at his disposal.


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I think it's time to bring Tierney back in. Nothing against Nuno, he's had a good spell, and credit to Arteta for keeping him in for Newcastle, but thought he struggled a bit again a bit against United.

Obviously Lokonga and Saka come back in, then I'd like too see Martinelli and Lacazette up top.


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I heard Everton fans are planning to stage a walkout at the 27th miniute


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Think we will win this one easily, Arteta is going to take time to learn the ins and outs of management though, the question is can we afford to give him that time? I'm worried about Newcastle's rise, once they get into that top 4 I believe we might have no chance of being a big club we once were, the present time is our only chance of climbing into top 4 again.


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With the results today , 3 points tomorrow are crucial. If we drop points we are truly a mid table club under Artetas tutelage.


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Crazy to think if we lose this all of a sudden it’s 3 losses in 5. Don’t think we will though, I can see a draw.
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