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Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by gooner, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. gooner

    gooner New Member

    Well at last them stupid internationals are over. Funny how the English media have finally shut up about Ashley Cole now that he has a decent left sided midfielder playing along him who comes back to help. Cole was excellent in both matches. I hate 2 say it but I love Defoe, as he is such a raw talent with great promise, and the best thing about him is his directness. When he gets the ball, he just wants it in the back of the net, and he also has a great shot.

    Anyway, back to the premiership this weekend. Arsenal take on Fulham at Craven Cottage which will no doubt be a tough match, especially considering nearly the whole Arsenal starting eleven were away on international duty and Fulham will have had a good two weeks of rest and time to figure out tactics on how to stop Arsenal’s unbeaten run, and I wouldn’t find it embarrassing to lose to Fulham although I would be very disappointed. For the last 2 season when we have played Fulham away we have won by the same score line, which was a tight 1 – 0 in. Last year Fulham deserved a draw after Reyes scored from Van De Sar’s howler. I though Fulham had a bad summer when they lost Davies and Inamoto, but they made it up by signing good players like Claus Jensen, Dioup, Radzinski and Cole.

    I like Fulham as a team, and I think Coleman has been one of the best managers in the premiership for turning Fulham around the way he has. I hope Arsenal keep their heads down, and play good grit football and finish every chance we can get.

    One player who will want 2 prove a point to Wenger is Volz, who has been outstanding for Fulham. He’s very composed and hard to beat and will try his best to make sure he come’s out on the winning side.

    Below is a list of all of Fulham’s key players in my view:

    Melbranque – Key Man 1
    Radzinski + Cole + John – Key Men 2
    Dioup + Jensen + Boa Morte – Key Men 3
    Knight + Bocanegra + Volz – Key Men 4
    Van Der Sar – Key Man 5

    In Melbranque, I think Fulham have one of the best midfielders in the premiership, although he will never get enough credit as he deserves coz he plays for Fulham. He has a good shot, can play brilliant passes and works very hard.

    This is the best team line up I would go with:


    Lauren Toure Cygan Cole

    Ljungberg Vieira Cesc Reyes

    Bergkamp Henry

    Bergkamp has had a nice two-week rest, after his early brilliant performances this season and I expect him to be a crucial player in this match. Also the reason why I opted to play cesc instead of Edu and Gilberto is because he will be more fresh than them two.

    I hope Arsenal can round off a good weekend, by beating Fulham.

    Come on you gunners!!!
  2. Jose_Reyes_2005

    Jose_Reyes_2005 New Member Trusted





    Thats the team i'd like to see start but Cygan will probarly be on instead of hoyte, and gilberto on instead of edu. Also, i wonder if bergkamp will start ahead of Jose since bergy hasnt played for weeks now, while reyes played 90 mins on wednesday.

    Prediction: 4-1 with Pires, Reyes, Henry and Ljungberg all on the scoresheet.

    Fulham look extreemly weak at the back and i really cant see how they'r going to cope with us on saturday.
  3. marhes26

    marhes26 New Member

    Im sure Malbranque is injured.Has not played this season.I should know..i have him in my dream team!! doh!!
  4. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    is malbranque fit yet? IMO key man 1 for fulham should be boa morte. he was oustanding against portsmouth. created one for cole with a fantastic ball over the top and scored one with a precise finish. he's a constant menace with his pace and strength. i think he is the on form fulham player at the moment. fulham play with two wingers who play very high up the pitch so lauren and cole will need to be very careful with their runs upfront. we should win this one really, but its difficult to account for the effects of the internationl break.
  5. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    I'm worried about Radzinski. He always plays well against us.
  6. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    Lets hope Van Der Sar is in la la land like last time we played them.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Why edu ahead of cesc and gilberto? he hasnt even played this year.
  8. koivu

    koivu New Member Trusted

    He does indeed...I love when he does well but not at our expense.
  9. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Re: Fulham V Arsenal

    So, all of them, basically.. :wink:
  10. Jose_Reyes_2005

    Jose_Reyes_2005 New Member Trusted

    Played in 5 or 6 games the Copa America late in the summer, against Haiti a couple of weeks ago, aswell as playing in the game against bolivia and he also started against germany, played all 90 mins infact.

    Yes, he hasnt played in an arsenal shirt yet this season, but he's been training for weeks and already has games under his belt.

    I rate edu really highly, i would put gilberto ahead of him against teams like chelsea, united and liverpool because of his gilberto's defensive qualities, but against lesser opposition like fulham, i would pick edu as i think he adds so much creativity to the side with his passes and quick thinking. I do think he's very under-rated.

    Anyway, thats just my opinion.
  11. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    I'd rather see Cesc play than Edu, to be honest. Given that neither of them are going to get as many games as Gilberto, I think it's important that Cesc gets the chance to develop in the league. He is a special talent, luckily he's got a special manager to guide him.
  12. Arjan

    Arjan New Member Trusted

    I'd pick Van Der Sar as key man number 1.
    If you have seen him against the czech republic, you would agree, he was by far the best player on the pitch.
    And we have struggeled against van der sar before. and now that he is in such a great form......

    Hope I'm wrong though
  13. Since95Bergkamp

    Since95Bergkamp New Member

    - - - - - - - - - - Lehmann - - - - - - - - -

    Lauren - - - Cygan - - - Toure - - - - Cole

    Ljungberg - - Fabregas - - Vieira - - Pires

    - - - - - - - Bergkamp - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - Henry - - - - - - - - - -

    My thoughts:
    Dennis has to play!!! It's his last year, and we need the creativity he brings with him onto Highbury's! And after the 3 genius goals he deserves to play! No! He must!
    And what I've seen from Fabregas, a 17 years old genius, that's just unbelievable!
    I need more of that sh**! :mrgreen:

    - - -
    Dennis, we'll miss you! Stay forever! :(
  14. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    I wonder if Reyes might play on the right instead of Freddie..
  15. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    this has been suggested a few times, but i cant see that happening. not when freddie and pennant are fit. if wenger overlooks both in favour of playing someone out of position, what does that do for confidence?
  16. 1886

    1886 New Member

    edu came on against norwich and looked solid from the outset.
  17. fee_fi_fo_Gunners

    fee_fi_fo_Gunners New Member

    It's gonna be very difficult for Wenger to chose who's gonna play Bergy/Pires, Pires/Reyes, Reyes/Fred, Edu/Silva/Cesc... But i hope Wanger will play anyone who will suit Fulham style... whoever can deliever us 3 pts

    Fulham is a decent team, they have a weak defence though... their match against pompey is the proof
    I say Legwinski and Boa Morte are the threat... for boa morte especially, his speed will trouble Cygan i am afraid... Cygan is better be ready if he really will play

    my prediction is 4-2 for arsenal :mrgreen:
  18. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Who is Wanger? Sounds like a porn star...
  19. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    Good preview, gooner. I'd like us to see this team...


    Lauren Hoyte Toure Cole

    Pires Vieira Gilberto Reyes

    Bergkamp Henry

    Subs: 1. Almunia 2. Ljungberg 3. RvP 4. Fabregas 5. Cygan

    I've gone for Hoyte instead of Cygan because Boa Morte would kill Pacal for pace. Hoyte is fast and although may not be as experienced or read the game as well as Cygan, his pace will make up for it. Pires and Reyes won't stay where I've put them on there, so it doesn't really matter what their starting positions are. Hope to see Freddie, RvP and Cesc on at some point. I predict: 2-1 to the Arsenal. Henry and Pires for us, Andy Cole for them.
  20. AFCG7

    AFCG7 New Member Elite

    HArd decision to choose between CYgan and Hoyte..both in my opinion dont inspire any confidence.. so does Wenger go with the more pacy but possibly erratic HOyte..or does he go with the more experienced but error-prone Cygan.?
    Either way.. our defense will have me worried.

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