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Which of these will happen first?

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Oh ffs, it’s come to this :lol::facepalm:
He's got us playing so much better than Rodgers did and our results have also been much better.

Due to KT's move I've watched a lot of Arsenal this season and I've been really surprised at how average some of your players are, I genuinely think we have a few players that would walk into your team.

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I mean if we’re hiring managers based on the criteria of “Are they better than some wum on AM?” then sure give Brendan five years.

But Liverpool knew he wouldn’t win them the CL or turn them into title contenders. Went after a proper manager.

He actually got very close winning the title with them. Don't rewrite the history! Also I think he has improved massively as manager and coach in recent years. I think he is ready for another go at top club very soon!

Sorry for calling you just a forum poster. That was very mean of me. Your insight is actually very good and I agree with it a lot of the times!
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