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Which of these will happen first?

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We've bought so many poor midfielders in the last 5 or so years. Who's idea was Xhaka and Torreira? Complete flops. Guendouzi shouldn't be getting so many minutes and I can't think of anyone else.

Really poor recruitment over the last 5 or so years. Stuff like buying a striker for 50 mil then buying another 6 months later without knowing how to play both.

Practically every Leicester defender or midfielder would walk into our team wtf this is Arsenal.
No they won't. Their manager has a system that let's the players play to their strengths while hiding their weaknesses. Like for Ndidi, technically average(hence why he missed the chance) but paired with guys like maddison who's technically good but physically weak. They mask each other's weaknesses.
While we play Guendouzi with Xhaka who're basically the same player. Or with torreira while telling him to be more advanced when he can't pass to save his life.

It's the management that is the problem
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Yes, you did. You quoted that guy who said apparently this is the game we have played and you replied It was. Although you did add 'but' but still.

We could have played better. We could have much better away form if we had a better coach. We dropped useless points like Watford away, Shef United, Man United, etc... Where we were the clear favorites with the better players.

If we had a better coach, we would have won those matches along the ones at home and be in much better position (points and psychologically) to face Leicester and play them off the park.
Did you see us when went 433 Leicester just controlled everything there a reason why we went 3412 we absolutely could have done better offensively but apart from Özil we had nobody that can make effort to make forward pass


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Never had a focus. I've had my Fiesta for a 4 years though and it's never missed a beat (Ive just cursed it now)... Mustangs are the high class prostitutes of the motoring world.

Fiesta's are actually good agree.


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Did you see us when went 433 Leicester just controlled everything there a reason why we went 3412 we absolutely could have done better offensively but apart from Özil we had nobody that can make effort to make forward pass
At that moment, it is too late to play 433 because Leicester were 2-0 up and the home fans had us. State of the game is very important when you are implementing something. No matter what formation or tactic we played after 2-0, it would have made zero difference considering the form of the two teams.


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Just as a comparison, Newcastle with one of the worst attacks in the league had 20 attempts on target today against Bournemouth. 9 shots on target.
We had 8 attempts all game. 1 shot on target with Lacazette, Aubameyang, Özil.

Don't tell me it is even remotely a personnel issue. It's the outcome of the worst system/lack of system ever deployed by any team ever, considering the talent at his disposal.


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2-0 defeats are just awful. They score, you can't respond and then they say 'have that, you mugs', and goodnight. Says you had nothing on the day.
The sad thing with us you just seeing it coming specially away from we can't respond


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As soon as we concede first these days you know we are done, have no faith we can comeback, especially away.


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Anybody know what Emery said?

Imagine the players trying to listen to that all day. No wonder they're switched off.


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Hooplehead is ignoring the surge Celtic made from Delia to Rodgers. The amount of players that improved was ridiculous. Lennon has refreshed it to an extent but Rodgers created that leap. And its evident he is doing the same with Leicester. Second in the league best defensive record scoring for fun. The players clearly have bonded with him as well.

Also on Hooplehead he fails to acknowledge the reality of Scottish football. Celtic are the dominant team and Rodgers was knocking down records for fun. Teams sit in more. It's not like England where teams might think they are on par and try to attack. That's where Rodgers will gain an advantage. More teams will try and attack against them than what he had in Scotland. But again a treble treble. He delivered what mattered and done it in style.
I'm not sure where you're getting your opinion that i'm ignoring this and not acknowledging that?

I haven't implied I think Rodgers would be a bad choice at Arsenal, in fact I think he'd be a great choice, he did a fantastic job of developing our players, my only real criticism of Rodgers was his lack of adaptability, he was unwilling time and time again at Celtic to change our tactics against teams that played the same style as us but with much better players, Barcelona and PSG couldn't believe their luck when we lined up against them under Rodgers, don't get me wrong I do think that lesson has hit home with him to an extent now.

Complimenting Lennon on how well he's doing doesn't mean i'm underestimating how good a job Rodgers did, we have a team full of young, high potential players and I credit Rodgers man management as the main reason for that, but I don't think many Celtic fans would disagree that we had become pretty stale entertainment wise by the time Brendan moved on.


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It's just been a ridiculous fast forward t the end of Wengers reign. Dreading the games and no confidence, even if the football was easier on the eye and we had a few individuals you could pin your hopes on.
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