PL: Liverpool vs Arsenal | December 29th | KO: 17:30 | BT Sport

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So should he play Koscielny who has just come back from a serious injury and has looked out of his depth and perhaps risk another injury that could effectively end his career? And If we played 2 up front and got thrashed, people would ridicule him for playing 2 attackers instead of setting up a more defensive side against one of the best attacks in the world.
Mustafi-Sokratis. No Koscielny thanks, he’s washed up and needs replacing. I wouldn’t ridicule him for trying to win in a positive way. And looks like I don’t understand how we are playing because I thought we played 5 at the back.
Absolute murder. Feared this would happen. Sack Ramsey and sell özil and buy a proper defense and goalie. And midfielders. **** buy a new ****ing team. This is down to not spending enough money to keep up. Looking forward to January window


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It is embarrassing to call our backline defense. Utterly rubbish. Liechester should not start again.


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Whether or not it was a pen doesn't matter at this point, the game was done at 3-1.

What does matter was that pathetic attempt at playing offsides which put Salah through, and getting beat that easily in the box where Sokratis was forced to commit the challenge to make up for his mistake. We were at the mercy of Salah at that point.


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I agree with people who say we can't coach the mistake out of our players. But the place where I disagree is that our summer signings where disaster, Lichtsteiner, Leno and Sokratis are not even signings in right direction if we want to become serious title challengers. Bellerin is only in the back line that would survive my infinity gauntlet and thats only because I respect his fashion thinking because he wants to get cougars!
Leno and Sokratis are fine imo. Holding and Bellerin's injuries really screwed this team up.


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At least the emery out people Get some perspective on things. Little any coach can do when the best defenders available do stuff like this. The fact that were even somewhat in the race for top 4 is a miracle.

Hopefully kronke realize we need new signings badly.


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Liverpool are close to being that special type of successful team which cheats constantly and gets the opposition penalised for it.



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Our defence is in no way equipped to deal against a decent attack. But we all knew that.

Lichtsteiner off, Laca on for me..
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