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Loss PL: Manchester United 3 - 1 Arsenal | Sunday, September 4 | KO: 16:30 BST | Sky Sports

Utd vs Arsenal pre-match thread

So the Gooners are firing on all cylinders, leading the table after 3 games and the atmosphere around their club is overwhelmingly positive. Whereas we had two dreadful matches followed by a much needed tonic against the scouse and trending in the right direction.

We've got to play Southampton and Leicester but the game I'm really looking forward to is Arsenal at Old Trafford. I really think that match will set the tone for our season and shape the top 4 fight - also the transfer market will be closed by then as well so no more distractions hopefully.

I think it'll be good to see if Arteta is hype or the real deal but I'm fully confident we can smash them. Plus it's always fun to beat the Gooners in a match that might mean something for a change after a decade.

Arsenal have beaten who they should beat while we lost against who we should beat and beat who we should have lost against.

I'm not convinced by Arteta at all, the hype is pretty hilarious for someone who has won diddly squat.

My brother unfortunately is an Arsenal fan and it’s always a fun fixture when we play them. I’m hoping after the Liverpool game we’ve found our feet and start getting points on the table and smash those Gooners. Hopefully they go back to being Arsenal and have dropped points by then…

Antony will destroy the ‘super-intelligent’ Zinchenko, who is terrible defensively.

What hype is there around Arteta? I think he's done a good job but never seen anybody over hype him. Just reference to it on RedCafe.

They've outplayed us a lot of times in recent years, so it'll be interesting to see if we can assert dominance this time.

Want to beat these ****'s more than any other team

The most arrogant delusional fanbase of all PL teams. By far. Also the most arrogant delusional Manager that Ole has finished above twice but Arteta is the Messiah.

Martinez will pocket Scabby Jesus.

Last year we were AWOL collectively, so I don't recall. We generally beat you when it counts though, so I expect an Arsenal capitulation on Sunday

After Liverpool there’s no one in the league I enjoy United beating more than these lot. Hope we can smash them

Let’s give them a cup final like they always seem to do with us

If Maguire will plsy, we are fecked with all their movement and speed.

If not; we will trash them.

I will not be able to take the media and fan hyperbole if Arsenal play well in this game.

Stop Ødegaard getting the ball and mark Jesus tightly, don't allow him to drop into the hole uncontested.

Apart from that it'll be 1v1 battles with Malacia v Saka and Dalot v Martinelli

The thought of Arsenal being good again really, really bothers me. I think it bothers me more than Liverpool being good again, which I’ll put down to my age and having grown up throughout the Wenger-Ferguson years.

Let’s bring them down to size.

Arsenal winning the league is slightly preferable to another City or Pool win.

My god their fans would be annoying though.

Why are we talking about the Arsenal game before the Leicester game?

We could be back to square one after the game tomorrow. We need to start taking it one game as it comes.

I hope Zinchenko plays. He and Arsenal will be in for a bit of an awakening at some point this season. To me, he lacks the athleticism to play full back for teams where they actually have to compete. I’d rather Antony make his debut against Zinchenko than James Justin, who I think he’s far more likely to struggle against.

Arse has a hell of a team and it is likely they win because they are playing great ball right now and we are still building our identity.

Also it's not Jesus who concerns me most. Martinez will handle him just fine and is actually one of the best CF matchups to take him on in the box. The problem will be Martinelli vs Dalot, that is the matchup that favors them most. When they have possession their left side and how well Dalot can handle it will be a big determiner of who wins this game. Ødegaard is a beast too but I think he will be largely slowed by Case, so this game hinges on that left side when Arse has the ball. Huge game for Dalot and Varane and for us to win that right side requires defensive wins like we had from Malacia vs Liverpool.

I actually expect us to keep it tight for much of the game but it's unlikely we pull it out they just have too much firepower and are playing so well. I just hope it is close and competitive.

Arsenal fans are only a tiny bit less annoying than Liverpool fans, but that’s outweighed by the fact that I know way more arsenal fans. Genuinely can’t stand the thought of them becoming good again.

Will be a tough one for sure, Arsenal have been irrelevant for a while but right now they're a towering behemoth of footballing brilliance.

I just hope we can match them for the first 30 minutes and our players don't become too disheartened when we're forced to give Lego Pep a standing ovation at half time.

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Our set piece delivery has been so odd given how much more we've scored from them.


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Jesus always a threat but nothing more than that. Can see why City got Haaland now. Mind you he's good enough for us obviously.

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The match will be shown on Match of the Day later this evening and if you don't want to know the result look away now as we show you Tony Adams lifting the cup for Arsenal.

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