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Loss PL: Manchester United 3 - 2 Arsenal | Thursday 2nd December | KO: 20:15 GMT | Amazon Prime

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Watching the replays of the goals on record, White was responsible for both their open play goals. He was just half a yard off Fernandez and Ronaldo in both cases, giving them time to pick their spots. Both were very close to our goal line, Ramsdale with no chance.


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rethinking about this game again this morning.. and it just makes me all over again

I gave Arteta a pass on the City/Pool/Chelsea game, because they are a level above, but this was winnable, and at the very least should have made sure they took a point

People talk about Nketiah not signing a new contract. For what? Are Arsenal short ball boys? He did nothing, and has never done anything memorable in an Arsenal shirt in my opinion.

No clue what's the issue with Aubameyang. He is a quality player, but is just playing muck lately.

El Neny.. Europa League group stage level. Would be better to have lost with Sambi there and give him minutes and experience, than El Neny who's never going to get better

Grrr... so so annoyed


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This feels like our worst performance this season to me, in our big losses to Liverpool and such we were outplayed pure and simple, but in this one we undid ourselves, bad mood today.


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Any Elneny stats, especially his passes. I'm convinced he's being conveniently criticized by most in here.

The eye test, he was quite OK, positive with his passes most of the time and covering in defense. I particularly remember him closing a space when Ronaldo could have found an easy shot.

Of course, you may say that for a team chasing a goal, he should have been subbed for a more attacking minded player, but that's not on him. That's on the manager


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That was a waste of a morning getting up to watch that stupid game a few hours ago, oh well what can we do if Arteta encourages us to go completely defensive after we've only scored 1 single goal? Thats not to mention when we did how bloody poor our ball control was going defensively. That was bull**** getting up to watch that a few hours ago!


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Even worse considering how poor form United were in, costing us a top 4 spot & stupid Ronaldo getting 1 over us, how much I can't stand that guy!
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