PL: Sheffield United v Arsenal | Sunday, April 11 | KO: 19:02 BST | BT Sport

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Ryan, Cedric, Gabriel, Chambers, Bellerin, Azeez, Partey, Ødegaard, Saka, Gabi, Pepe


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Can see us losing this. Players will have one eye on midweek and Sheffield United will see us as there for the taking. They’ll be right up for it. Might as well play a second string because we can’t afford to risk losing any more starters


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Back to pre-Christmas, lads.
Lacazette at 10?
premier league dance GIF by Arsenal


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A nice story from Warnock when he played us in 2006...

"My 1000th game was at the Emirates....The dugouts there are miles away, aren't they? And I'm looking, I'm in the centre circle with Arsène, he's a big lad, and I'm looking up at him....I said to him 'Arsène, look at the dugouts, they are miles apart, you'll never hear me today!'"

"He looked at the dugout slowly then he looked down at me and said 'Neil, you will find a way!'"

...Neil also picked Arsène as his best ever Premiership manager.


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Just realised we've got the graveyard shift Sunday night game, we haven't won any of those this season. Bodes well. Leicester, Villa, Wolves and Burnley. Memories.


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Good thing orny didn't mention Ødegaard hopefully he'll be on bench tomorrow. ESR look tired and the injury he picked in international duty didn't help
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Match prediction

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  • Villareal win 👎🏻

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  • It goes on penalties 🙏

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