PL: Sheffield United v Arsenal | Sunday, April 11 | KO: 19:02 BST | BT Sport

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Abhishek Arora

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Chambers Gabriel Mari
Bellerin Xhaka Cabellos Saka
Pepe Lacazette Martinelli

Since we dont have a no 10,a proper lb..i feel areteta can switch to this formation
Ps: Whatever glory arachieved it was with a back 3


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Top 3 worst pl teams ever shef united. We will beat them and the Arteta freaks will come out gloat


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Pepe, Willian, Martinelli and Laca as the front 4
We'll score. They won't.
1-0 to the Arsenal

Would be happy with a few more goals, and sexy football, but tbh the game on Thursday is so much more important, so a win and no injuries would be a perfect Sunday evening.


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Seems ideal game to throw in Martinelli at CF. If Lacazette is the current preferred choice would be a little odd to risk him with ESR and Auba already doubts for Thursday.


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This is a massive opportunity to experiment. There is no number 10 available and Auba isn't available.

In order to experiment, the following could be done. These are all independent of each other, not all at once:

Balogun at CF
Martinelli at CF
Pepe at CF
Saka at 10
Saka at LB with Martinelli ahead of him
Pepe at 10
Nelson at 10

I think those are all of the experimental options that the fans would be impressed with.

What we will hate is:

Laca at 9
Laca at 10
Willian at 10
Martinelli on the bench
Pepe on the bench

Yet why can I see these as the more likely options?
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