PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

What will the result be?

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Well this will be very good test for us they very solid team. Good to see laca and Tierney back for this game.
Chambers Luiz Sokratis Tierney
Guendouzi Ceballos
Pepe Auba Saka

I'm expecting this line up xhaka won't get dropped holding won't go back straight to starting line up because luiz and Sokratis been solid for now only expecting Tierney to start this
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They were surprisingly good against Liverpool, pressed really well, don't expect an easy game, especially with the way we play atm.


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Amazing where we're at with this team. Worried about playing Sheffield United. But, rightly so. And thats no disrespect to them. I guess I just expect so much more...

Anyway, why is this on a Monday for? So frustrating. Sunday after Sunday is bad enough.


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Because arsenal should have more class than that, regardless of the blame free culture of online anonymity

I have couple times read the Sp**s fan forum at it was just terrible. So much like teenagers on the peak of their puberty. Let it never go to that here, Wenger's legacy demands it.


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Because arsenal should have more class than that, regardless of the blame free culture of online anonymity


What have we won recently where we need to show class? Nobody expects anything yet.

Fans are fans. We get to clown. Every time Sp**s lose it is joy to me. Every time ManU suffer, it is joy to me. I hope Liverpool bottle the league too - hate them.

Chelsea and Man City winning the league does nothing emotionally to me to care.


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Aww dont be mean )))

Agreed though, plastic whore clubs deserve all the abuse, but not the hometown clubs from Sheffield


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Think this will be a fairly routine win for us providing HB & KT play.
Too much quality and i suspect they will have a go against us which will work out well for us. 3-0.

Think everyone will see what a difference it actually makes to have first choice fullbacks playing. Think we can go on a really good run now.


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I don’t know but somehow I think Emery will start with Xhaka and Kola... I think he will be afraid of starting Tierney.

So I expect the typical defense from last game... Xhaka and Douzy and maybe Ceballos or Torreira, I don’t expect him starting Willock. Then Pepe, Auba and Saka.... and of course no Özil in the bench because It would be bad for the team having some creativity around. We don’t need that in the bench.
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