PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

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nick gould

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Should go with our strongest 11 which imo is

chambers holding luiz tierney
guendouzi torreira
pepe Özil auba
having guys like sokratis and xhaka away in the premier league is asking to give away penalties and red cards. Feel like luiz will play better not having to cover kolasinac bombing forward with the more intelligent tierney who times his runs better. bellerin probably back in when fully fit/earned his position back. Knowing emery and arsenal they will not win this match so why not take a free swing at it and play Özil. we either blow them away or we lose like we are most likely going to anyways. guaranteed emery's lineup however is :
leno chambers sokratis luiz kolasinac xhaka guendouzi ceballos pepe auba and saka.
prediction: 1-1
Come on, do you have an agenda against Socratis? There is clear evidence that Luiz can't deal with one v ones without risking a penalty. He has done so on numerous occasions already.


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Still get chills thinking of that Boromir death scene. Underrated actor.
This actually got me watching the scene. I couldn't get past annoyed by how unrealistic the scene is.

Can't believe they got the Urok-hai squinting with the wrong eye :lol:. Hobbits wacking orcs left and right with small stones :lol:.

Looking forward to the game. (This post is now on topic)

Big Poppa

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Away game straight after the international break. It's gonna be so tricky and i would be happy with a narrow win.

We had 7 away wins from 19 last season and 4 the year before. We don't get any favours from refs in these games so I would be genuinely delighted.


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I expect a win, but only because Tierney and Bellerin will start and no teams have seen us play yet with them two. I think they'll fundamentally change our approach. Also, Lacazette is back so we've got the extra offensive power we've been missing.


They aren’t the typical grit and fight northern team, like Burnley. Give you a many chances to score, Liverpool could have had 4/5 and Chelsea too.

Drew with Bournemouth, lost to Southampton etc.
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