PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

What will the result be?

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Softer than Granit 🤩
Never wins a header yet instructs players to put in 100 crosses
This garbage manager needs to get booted today
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Santi's Left Foot

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Literally every single player on the bench bar the GK should have started the game, and he wasn't even resting them.

I've never seen that, ever.


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Got what we deserved.

Emery is living and dying by his decisions. Xhaka starting again is criminal. Got exactly what he deserves.

Guendouzi starting to just look like a good player turning sour. Offered nothing defensively or offensively. Effectively a passenger. Willock anonymous. Saka anonymous. Aubameyang contributed nothing.

Only players who looked partially okay were Pepe and Chambers and even then Pepe missed a sitter.


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What a load of garbage that was we were too slow to get forward and kept giving the ball away, I don't know why the ball keeps going back to the keeper all the time play the thing forward and this playing out from the back is just so slow.
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