PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

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That explains why Emery lovers are not responding in the forum. @EmeryCan is busy fighting for his god in Twitter



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A drop to 5th and we’re still punching..

The loss is not deserved in all honesty. They got lucky with that goal and we were a little sloppy, they then proceeded to park the bus, and we couldn’t penetrate them despite all that possession. Frustrating.


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Not enough penetrative passing. Not enough combinations in the final third. The biggest problem is the mobility of the midfield. He picked 2 slow midfielders out of 3. And then added another slow one. Xhaka, guendouzi and ceballos are all very similar players with varying quality. And torreira is also another slow midfielder. Till we improve that we will struggle in these matches


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How can anyone back Emery? It’s not as though he’s just got here and he hasn’t had time to make a mark on this team.

We have become a team that’s so difficult to watch and are consistently outplayed by “lesser” teams.

It’s an absolute wonder Aubameyang has any goals for us at all, we are so awful going forward.... and in the midfield.... and defending.... simply not a cohesive team in the least

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That was grim. If there is anything positive from this loss, it is that surely even Emery realises he can't keep setting us up in the same way.

Have a feeling we might not see the usual line ups anymore.


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Ceballos gives us nothing. We got more possession when he came on because he came on at half time. Sheffield United made a choice to sit back.

Willock didn't need to come off. He wasn't receiving the ball because he was playing too high up. He isn't a 10. He is an 8 who arrives in the box.

Why do we place so much emphasis on building through our full backs. why do we tuck our wingers in to push full backs who give us nothing going forward.

Finally. AMN is better than Chambers. All the Chambers fan boys love his performances in Europe. AMN is better in every way and should be starting.

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If you hate Özil at least buy someone who can create or just give Özil one last chance it's frustrating to have all that possession and create nothing because thier team defending with almost all thier team


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That's what happens when you've got arguably the best LB in your rooster and you leave him on the bench. Kola was terrible.
And what is this bollocks with Evra and 'babies'. **** him
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