PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

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A drop to 5th and we’re still punching..

The loss is not deserved in all honesty. They got lucky with that goal and we were a little sloppy, they then proceeded to park the bus, and we couldn’t penetrate them despite all that possession. Frustrating.
I wish we had the confidence AND QUALITY (!!!!) on the ball like sheffield united!
Thats how bad we are!
This result is fully deserved! apart from pepe chance we created nothing! nothing!
Tierney created in one game the season amount of chances Kola produces! all he does is pass backwards and cut back and hopes...


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If you hate Özil at least buy someone who can create or just give Özil one last chance it's frustrating to have all that possession and create nothing because thier team defending with almost all thier team
Yeah.. because Özil would magically make our players fight for the badge like Sheff fought for that win.. get a grip mate.. Özil would have changed nothing.


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Chambers was solid and it is not entirely his fault his crossing is not sharp because he's mainly been playing other positions, but woeful crossing was a feature of this match. The manager played it too safe, at least he should have given Tierney the start. Just goes to show similar for Kola at LB as Chambers at RB, i.e. solid is not good enough, Tierney's crossing could have made the difference, esp. in a tight match.


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Under Wenger we used to dominate & lose due to some bullshit ref decisions or due to players wetting their pants
Under this *** we just pass sideways, do nothing in the final third

& we got Wenger fired to get this garbage to manage us

Anyone who defends this wannabe Mourinho should be banned
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I'm still confident of top 4 due to the quality of the squads currently in the league. Biggest problem with that is this head joker will continue.


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Is anyone really surprised by the away form under Unai Emery? This is the same manager that didn’t win an away game during this season for Sevilla.



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That was fecking awful.....again. Unai hasn't improved this team in one single area of play. Not one! We've regressed because whereas we were ****e defending before, we're worse now and can't even attack with any real fluency. He'll be gone by summer if this continues.


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Ceballos gives us nothing. We got more possession when he came on because he came on at half time. Sheffield United made a choice to sit back.

Willock didn't need to come off. He wasn't receiving the ball because he was playing too high up. He isn't a 10. He is an 8 who arrives in the box.

Why do we place so much emphasis on building through our full backs. why do we tuck our wingers in to push full backs who give us nothing going forward.

Finally. AMN is better than Chambers. All the Chambers fan boys love his performances in Europe. AMN is better in every way and should be starting.
Everything but the Chambers, AMN point.


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Shefield United are so poor that they made our defense very good. No creativity yet he does not want to play Özil.

We need to sack Emery. We will not get anywhere with him. Absolutely abysmal performance.


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Yeah.. because Özil would magically make our players fight for the badge like Sheff fought for that win.. get a grip mate.. Özil would have changed nothing.
oh he would have found a pass. you know he finds at least 4 good passes a game. One of them would have led to a clear shot. However we will never know.

Matters not anyway, at least no one can blame Özil for the loss. LOOOOOOL

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Because half of the idiots who hounded wenger out know that wenger is a better coach than emery but they have to back emery because of how deep they were with the "wenger out" criticism.

Wenger was done at the end, think he’d lost the dressing room.

The players didn’t even seem to be putting any effort in. It wasn’t a mistake moving on but it will be if we don’t bin Emery now.

Attacking patterns are non-existent.
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