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PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

What will the result be?

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A year and a half of a new manager and haven't seen any improvements what so ever. Get the Spanish Mr Bean out. Another masterpiece from Ivan. Big Raul will get the next manager spot on.


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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If emery stays (and I hope he goes tomorrow) even he should know he needs to change his strategies and team selections


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A drop to 5th and we’re still punching..

The loss is not deserved in all honesty. They got lucky with that goal and we were a little sloppy, they then proceeded to park the bus, and we couldn’t penetrate them despite all that possession. Frustrating.
How can you say they didn't deserve the win? Asides Liverpool, they have conceded the least number of goals this season. Even Liverpool needed a goal keeping error to score against them yet Emery went there to defend.


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I normally support Emery but Martinelli on for Pepe was the substitution of a lunatic. I thought Pepe looked our best player right up to the point he was taken off, after that any attack we had died.

If Sheffield Utd end up ahead of us at the end of the season then fine, we didn't deserve any points but I suspect they wont so why on earth are we losing to them! Get it sorted Unai, I can only support you when you make an effort, tonight was D -


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Going into this season, I was expecting our defence to be an issue, not so much our attack, especially after spending so much on a wide forward. Heck, even Bournemouth and Aston Villa have scored more goals than we have. Not good.


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Because half of the idiots who hounded wenger out know that wenger is a better coach than emery but they have to back emery because of how deep they were with the "wenger out" criticism.

Wenger was hounded because it was groundhog day. Possession based football but he never got a proper defensive mid. Keep possession for 70% of the match, don't score, opposition counter score on first/second chance. Lose game. Rinse and repeat - he was stubbon with his favourites and kept playing exactly the same and every team knew how to play against us.

Wenger is definitely the better coach but he had a lot of other issues.


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No mechanisms. No transition. Corner kicks tragic. Getting out of pressing ridiculous. Defensive setup non existent. Body language as if we are boy band. Amount of backpassing Elneny level. Team selection crazy.

Every single managerial aspect completely wrong. If anyone in our club had a little bit of sanity he would be gone this ebening.


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We need to begin playing as a team. When we play out from the back the midfield are to far away. When we press the midfield and defence drop off.

We take to many touches and rarely by pass the closest man to pass to the second man and then move back inside. It's just so safe and robotic.

I look at what Liverpool have and see similiar characteristics, except CB. The implementation is sub standard at best.


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This match goes to show that top 4 is not as easy as some have made it out to be and so if we fall well off the pace or we fail to make it Emery will be gone. We won't finish top 4 unless our play improves and we find some rhythm and swagger.


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How can you say they didn't deserve the win? Asides Liverpool, they have conceded the least number of goals this season. Even Liverpool needed a goal keeping error to score against them yet Emery went there to defend.

they didn’t deserve the win. Draw all day.


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We walked right into that result. Played the same dead looking lineup and poor possession game and this time we didn't get away with 3 points. Deserved loss. Poor game management from Emery too. Laca for Xhaka was the only decent sub but then he put Saka at #10. Who would be a 10 in this system? What's the point of one?

Very frustrating game but can't say it surprises me to be honest.
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