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PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

What will the result be?

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2nd bad result of the season, always gonna be a problem turning it around after conceding when facing the joint best defence in the league.


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You know what... im not even mad... we just dont have enough quality... our midfield is just 2 slow... and players dont understand/trust each other...


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I honestly have no faith in this team, we need to bin this guy and actually play players that we have rather than putting them on the bench or not even having them in the team!

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Why did the *** take off Pepe? He looked lively. This greasy f*ck is tactically clueless also. Moved auba out wide and saka through the middle when Laca came on? Surely you would just go 442 as you’re chasing the game? Yet you move your best striker out wide.. Did anyone make sense of that? Can someone explain that to me??? Please


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Palace and Wolves next, brilliant. Two teams that we will struggle to break down and get hit on the counter attack against


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This match goes to show that top 4 is not as easy as some have made it out to be and so if we fall well off the pace or we fail to make it Emery will be gone. We won't finish top 4 unless our play improves and we find some rhythm and swagger.

Top 4 should be easier given how Sp**s and Utd are in shambles and we have the team to do it. Except we play like crap with no game plan at all - our play has not improved at all since the end of last week. In fact it has got worse so if we keep playing like this I don't expect the top 4.

When was last time we played with any rhythm let alone swagger in the PL?


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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If emery stays (and I hope he goes tomorrow) even he should know he needs to change his strategies and team selections
So you are calling yourself insane because Emery has never changed things and you are expecting something different from him. The only way to change things is sacking him tomorrow


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We need to begin playing as a team. When we play out from the back the midfield are to far away. When we press the midfield and defence drop off.

We take to many touches and rarely by pass the closest man to pass to the second man and then move back inside. It's just so safe and robotic.

I look at what Liverpool have and see similiar characteristics, except CB. The implementation is sub standard at best.
It's not going to happen mate. You can keep Emery in charge for 10 years and he won't be able to coach his team to play through the middle of the park, even if his life depended on it.


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They were like a shoal of fish moving side to side tonight.

Very impressive & Arsenal 2019 had no chance of breaking that down.

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Is anyone really surprised by the away form under Unai Emery? This is the same manager that didn’t win an away game during this season for Sevilla.


Wow, looks like he actively does not care about the league and just banks on a europa league lottery.

The team selections almost suggest he's trying to throw the games.


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This crap froze out Özil(I'm not his biggest fan but ability wise he is still in a class of his own), constantly plays Xhaka, plays Kolasinac with Tierney fit, the only offensive scheme he knows is to tell the fullbacks to cross blindly.

He was never meant to be the manager of a top club. Sevilla is his level where he can play with men behind the ball, he is clueless when the opposition is the one doing the same thing.
Europa League is where he'll always belong & Arsenal will always be too frickin big for that
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Because half of the idiots who hounded wenger out know that wenger is a better coach than emery but they have to back emery because of how deep they were with the "wenger out" criticism.

Quite wrong. I always supported Wenger. I agreed it was time for a change after years of staying at the same level. Was never vehemently Wenger out. I’d let Wenger shag my wife.

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Worse thing is most the fans called this as soon as we saw the line up, its beyond obvious now, should be clear by now that emery is a bang average manager
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