PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

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Mark Tobias

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We walked right into that result. Played the same dead looking lineup and poor possession game and this time we didn't get away with 3 points. Deserved loss. Poor game management from Emery too. Laca for Xhaka was the only decent sub but then he put Saka at #10. Who would be a 10 in this system? What's the point of one?

Very frustrating game but can't say it surprises me to be honest.
Im also not surprised. Basically logged on to see who is..


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2nd bad result of the season, always gonna be a problem turning it around after conceding when facing the joint best defence in the league.
The problem is not the results. Being 5th is fine for now. But we play like a team that is suspect to be relegated. We haven't played well in any of the league games so far.


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Not great for the last 3yrs but he’s been our best AM since pre season though... everyone who’s replaced him has done a worse job
Your using pre-season as validation to start Özil, after three years of ****, if thst doesn't wreak of desperation I dont know what does.


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How can anyone back Emery? It’s not as though he’s just got here and he hasn’t had time to make a mark on this team.

We have become a team that’s so difficult to watch and are consistently outplayed by “lesser” teams.

It’s an absolute wonder Aubameyang has any goals for us at all, we are so awful going forward.... and in the midfield.... and defending.... simply not a cohesive team in the least

It's not great but we have to support Emery right now unless our form becomes atrociously bad and we drop down the table.

The football style isn't great but we were unlucky to lose that tonight overall.

There were some positives such as Pepe's performance particularly in the first half I thought he showed his flair.
Also Emery trusting in younger players is encouraging although maybe it's not wise to have them all on pitch together in away league games.

I'm frustrated like most of us after this but let's not get like Man United and Chelsea fans otherwise we'll never progress.


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I’m not even on this Özil bandwagon, that’s not my issue with Emery.

I still can’t get over the fact that he tossed out Aaron Ramsey for Dani Ceballos.

Laughable stuff.

Big Poppa

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- the speed of our transitions from deep is too slow. Xhaka and Guendouzi as a pair has failed time and again
- our only midfielder who’s physically strong and can beat the first press is used as a CAM
- Our first choice fullbacks improve our wide play by 50% but aren’t involved
- we leave their sole CF unmarked in our 6 yard box

As frustrating as it comes
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