PL: Tottenham v Arsenal | Postponed

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Rex Banter

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Grabbing some popcorn to say everyone get outraged by this on the press.

Gary Neville MNF crying reaction needed ASAP.

Fixture wise we’re still in really good shape thanks to the cup elimination. Basically we’ll have to play Sambi and a kid at Burnley.

After that though unless Ghana and Egypt go on a fairytale run to the AFCON final we’ll have Partey and Elneny back for our next PL game.

Blankety Blank

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I hope the FA deny our request and ALL clubs are now told to play kids if they have to.

We loaned out AMN this early in the window, we loaned out Balogun etc.

Unless there is a massive COVID outbreak, you have to play, you can’t use AFCON and injuries as an excuse. We knew AFCON was happening and didn’t prepare for it in the summer.

I hope the FA tell us to **** off.
I do get the principle but this is simply not how rules have been adhered to throughout the season. So its unfair to change it mid season.
More transparency & clarity is needed but i think that has to be across the board from next season.


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Gary Neville: "An absolute disgrace. Arsenal have got away with it. One rule for the Super League clubs, and another rule for the rest. Back in my days you'd never see anything like this. Whether you were Manchester United or Bury, you'll get judged exactly the same. The game has absolutely gone. It really has."

I'm sure his reaction will be along these lines

Papa Wonga

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Waiting for the Scouse spitting lizard to pipe up after his Beloved club faked 17 positives.
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