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I feel like our season will only start once our first choic3 fullbacks are fit again.

Our full backs both assisted today and we still looked dreadful. Our CB’s are a problem tbh. Luiz is Luiz and I think Sokratis is very lucky to be here.

More looking forward to Holding coming back tbh.

A manager that has a small club mentality

70m plus on a player that can't get the ball out of his feet

Two players that look like the younger and older version of each other and can't concentrate on the pitch because they think they are having an Ghost of Christmas past moment every time they spot each other

Xhaka. Nothing else to say.

Kind of wondering why we sacked Arsène. I'm no fan if his by the end but come on, the two players standing by the gk passing out was pathetic


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Shocking game.

Sure two daft defensive errors but why are we asking them to defend so much? Its insane... 30 ****ing shots at our goal!

A DM is needed, structure is needed, partnerships in midfield are needed.... Mourinho should eye up a couple of suits.

Mourinho did like 4123 iirc?

A midfield triangle with the point down (dm)

This is what I wanna see! If it takes Mou then so be it


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Emery is a coward against the big clubs and bottles it against the lesser teams, he's not the man for this job. Any good manager would of seen that game through at 2-0.
Sooner he's gone the better. Got a feeling Raul will find the right man for the job!

Completely agree


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It's been a disastrous game, but those matches were always going to happen again and have been seen for any team except Liverpool and City.

Yet, people need to calm down and don't do it again, putting it all into the black or white box.
It just shows we are fragile as ever on some days and when put under pressure.

It's been a ****ty game, nothing less, nothing more. Just frustrating to watch. We've all seen amazing and positive things over the last weeks/months, but there's obviously still a long road ahead of us.

Hopefully Tierney and Bellerin will leave a big mark on that team.
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