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  • Watford win

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  • Draw

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  • Arsenal win

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I don't even give a **** anymore but when you are in a job you love and are trying your hardest you try someone telling you suddenly you ain't wanted
Wenger is a true gentleman who has left the truth in his.own head..

Unlike some arsenal fans


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Can anyone tell me btw why Chambers was dropped? When he started he was decent, since then we are shipping in goals and also penalties. F u c k o f f
not necessarily a good reason, but i get the feeling emery has a preference for strong, athletic players.


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Wenger won numerous cups you bastards treated him like utter ****e

This is karma
His " be careful what you wish for " quote never seemed more accurate. :lol::lol:
Hope all the banner waving, disrespectful Wenger haters are happy with what they wished for. We lost one of the greatest ever Premier League managers for this greasy haired, constantly confused, joke of a manager.


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Our players will have to get thier s**t together the manager too still early of season the problems of last season is still very clear good going forward abslout poverty at the back i don't think even bellerin Tierney and Holding will fix this. There still mental problem away from home we cant close games we making mistakes we collapse quick. Sort it out its make me sick


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Leave Emery alone , hes trying...

Blame the absolute shower of ****e players who have no courage or love for the club

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Inexcusable. If we don't drastically modify this losers system of playing from the back on each and every occasion with supreme indifference to what the opposition are doing this will be another season of mediocre achievements.

At 0-2 the game was won against inferior and dispirited opposition. The goal we gifted them was the catalyst to the familiar deck-of-cards collapse.
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