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What will be the result of this match?

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  1. Wenger's tactical masterclass

  2. The two midtable clubs don't find out who is better

  3. Deserved 3 points for Pardiola

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  1. RichWeath

    RichWeath Member

    Watch the standing foot (i.e. Wilshere's right)of the player taking the pen as he placed the ball on the spot, it generally points where the balls going
  2. Sapient Hawk

    Sapient Hawk #NeverArteta

    Hopefully Arséne doesn't get sanctioned for his remark which will rile up Jose no end :lol::lol:
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  3. Sapient Hawk

    Sapient Hawk #NeverArteta

    Coming from one of our biggest detractors, that's saying something.
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  4. bingobob

    bingobob Fan of Technicians Who Show Great Character

    Pure rage.
  5. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Happy new year to all of you expecting one guy you know who
  6. redanddread

    redanddread The stone that the builders refuse

    He's been doing that for a long time M8 (Arséne Whinger??)- not sure it helps us anyway as we've been serial sufferers at the hands of the refs. We've had our share of dodgy penalties go our way also.

    We all have a bias towards our own team & think that we get shafted by the refs. No doubt Arsenal have been high on the list of getting some serious bad calls against us. However, seen other teams suffer also.
  7. RoadrunnerReloaded

    RoadrunnerReloaded Well-Known Member

    Do you have any evidence that calls don't even out over a season?

    Every single club forum believes their team gets done by bad calls more than most yet I have never seen any fan actually compile a season long list of bad calls both ways to prove their team is actually getting shafted.

    For instance just the last two games it has evened out. Palace fans believe they got screwed because Mustafi was offside (technically he was).

    So we "should" have drawn against Palace and beaten WB.
  8. Penn_

    Penn_ Well-Known Member

    Untold Arsenal use to have a ref review table that showed all the decisions for and against us, was always heavily in favour of our opponents.

    But even if bad calls were proven to even out it still wouldn't necessarily mean the table is correct. A wrong call at 0-0 with an hour still to play is alot less damaging than the same call in injury time.
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  9. RoadrunnerReloaded

    RoadrunnerReloaded Well-Known Member

    I am a little suspicious of a biased club site interpreting what fair and unfair ref calls were. I would prefer an objective third party analysis that contains links to sources otherwise how do I know its not just Untold Arsenal's personal feelings and not objective fact.

    Again, every single club forum/group/etc I have looked at over decades thinks their team is more often unfairly ruled against. I don't think I have ever seen a group of fans that believes the balance is in their favor. Heck City believes the conspiracy against goes much further than just the refs, its the FA, all the big media, etc that are all out to get them. They have tens of thousands of posts "proving" how everyone is against them.

    So without actual evidence proving this, I call BS on the assertion that we are always the ones on the unfair end. Last two games it even out. We deserved 4 points and we got 4 points.
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  10. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Agenda Merchant

    I'm still drunk after that penalty call.
  11. Preacher

    Preacher Twitter Bot

    I don't know about all the EPL refs and their unfairly ruling against us, which maybe even out over a season, but Dean definitely has something against us.

    31% win rate, when he referees our games. And we're in the bottom 3 by penalties, which Dean is given for. 50/50 situation means that Dean will give decision against us everytime. We're not a mid-table club, that we would have these kind of stats. Too many coincidences.

    Do we have ref, who likes us and can even out all Dean's p1ss poor decisions against us ?

    I'd say doubtful.
  12. Gooner Zig

    Gooner Zig AM's Resident Accountant Trusted

    I was unbelievably hung over and it made my hang over worse.
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  13. karl

    karl Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind all handballs in the penalty area being a penalty, because that would at least bring consistency. This way it would be the defenders responsibility to keep his hands out of the way. Also it would remove any "creative" decisions from referees like Dean.
  14. Giroud12

    Giroud12 Well-Known Member

    This season it will not even itself out unless something spectacular happens. An in-depth analysis of every game would show that.

    One problem is shiit refs, but another one is that calls seem to be completely random. I don´t like to see pens given when a defender gets the ball kicked into his arm, but I could live with it if it was somewhat consistent. Perfect example is the same ref, the same team, and the exact same situation (us vs Leicester) and penalty not given, but somehow it was given against WBA. In other words its completely random, and Dean is either corrupt (not likely) or an incompetent attention seeking wh0re (likely). Either way, the game is ruined when there is no logic behind a ref´s decisions.

    Same with the tackle on KDB the other night, Kane vs City and Alli every week. Red cards not given, and next week some tackle deserving of a yellow at the most will be given as a straight red. Lacazette offside vs Stoke called, Silva 5 yards off against us not given. Sometimes retrospective action is taken, yet Lukaku gets away with elbowing a defender and Richarlison with diving against us us, and at the same time Rooney got a several match ban for screaming to a tv camera.

    It´s annoying for us but FA are the ones with a serious problem. They protect their refs but of course they see what everyone else sees. That´s why VAR will be standard in a few seasons tops, and thank god for that!
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  15. Lookin' for a new Baby

    Lookin' for a new Baby New name pending...

    The powers that be love the controversy because it keeps everyone talking about football.
  16. pacstud

    pacstud Well-Known Member

    Terrible call.

    That being said, I do actually see why Deano called it from his angle. Absolute worst perspective (arm away from body, unnatural angle, etc)...

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  17. IslingtonBornandbred

    IslingtonBornandbred Well-Known Member

    Never call him "Deano". He's not our mate, he's a bald headed skinny little arrogant ****!
  18. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Hoping Emery cloud has a silver lining

    Just got back from a family wedding and watched a recording of West Brom game. Difficult match in the pouring rain. 83 minutes, leapt out of the chair, 'Yes, we're catching United'. Sanchez!!!
    What a way to round off a superb couple of days.

    89 minutes, Mike Dean as good as kicked me in b*llocks.
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  19. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Hoping Emery cloud has a silver lining

    Jamie Redknapp
    "It's a horrendous decision, it really is. There's no doubt at all, that he's not put his hand to the ball, that's ball to hand. We want consistency in the games. He's balanced and if anything he doesn't want that ball to hit his arm, it's a really poor, poor decision."
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  20. say yes

    say yes Respect Me

    Yeah VAR needs to be the way forward.

    I’d limit it by making it only for penalty decisions/straight reds, and have it like the NFL where the decision on the field stands unless clearly wrong so the game wouldn’t change too much.

    Would give everyteam a safety net from shocking decisions.
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