PL: Wolves vs Arsenal | Tuesday 2nd February | KO: 18:00 UTC | BT Sport

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Right, I was actually fairly happy with the United result when I saw the line up and as I should credit to Mikel, this is the kind of run he had to do and he's done it, now we should absolutely be winning these next two games, no if buts or maybes.

Wolves have been rotten this season since they lost Jimenez and currently haven't won a games in the league in 8 so there's no excuses not to win here.

I said in the United thread we look unfit so I think we can afford to rotate a bit here, Partey missing out, KT as well and anyone else who has a small niggle. Gotta protect these guys and defensively we're doing very well.

Anyway the team I'd go for is, Leno, Bellerin, Holding, Luiz, Cedric, Xhaka, Elneny, Ödegaard, Saka, Laca Pepe.

This fixture ain't scary no more, the Wolves have lost their bite.

Wolves 0 - 3 Arsenal !


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Wtf another mid week game. No much resting this season. Wolves has been abslout poverty last 8 games they can't win can't score good chance to get Ödegaard going here ESR need rest been overplaying hopefully Tierney Saka are back auba likely to miss out he under quarantine according to Arteta.

Bellerin Holding Luiz Tierney
Xhaka Partey
Pepe Ödegaard Saka


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I can’t make a starting lineup, I don’t know about the conditioning of our players. Many looked exhausted in the Utd game.
But we must win.

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The TGG derby.

Wolves are ****ing terrible atm. Really struggling and Nuno is coming under pressure for his constant negative football. They still have some talented players but they’re bereft of confidence and are probably the team who are struggling without fans the most.

Hopefully Saka and Tierney are fit. Also not sure whether Auba will be available following COVID guidelines. If they’re available we’ll win comfortably, if they’re not, we can nick it.

Cedric Holding Luiz Tierney
Xhaka Partey
Saka ESR Pepe

Subs: Ryan, Bellerin, AMN, Gabriel, Elneny, Ödegaard, Willian, Gabriel, Nketiah.

Going for a 0-2 win. Laca to score and Partey to break his duck. COYG!!


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This one comes so soon ffs. Our players are dropping. Partey, ESR, Laca looked knackered out there. Not sure how to approach this at all.


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Crazy schedule. ESR absolutely needs a rest, bring Ödegaard in to start. Start Auba if he's now allowed with the quarantine rules.

Lacazette another who really needs a rest but I wouldnt start Nketiah. Continue with Pepe, looks confident!

Bellerin - Holding - Luiz - Cedric
Elneny - Xhaka
Pepe - Ödegaard - Martinelli


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How were they today against Palace? given how they defended against Chelsea I guess 0-0 is on the cards


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Really need to win this. Mad that we're playing again so soon. Ödegaard should maybe start this one. ESR needs a break. Hopefully Saka and Tierney can contribute.
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