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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Taylor Gang Gunners, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Bould14

    Bould14 Well-Known Member

    This is how most clubs who compete in the CL and have players who play internationals prefer it. It seems like we are really failing on the injury recovery front. Obviously prevention is important, but for some reason our staff asses an injury says "2-3 weeks" the injury doesn't heal, and he's out for 3-4 months.
  2. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Prefers To Be Called Dennis

    I thought our squad were very fit in friendlies compared to the teams we played against.

    Maybe this is doctors and physio problems more than our fitness team.
  3. yybecause

    yybecause Formerly known as ArsenaLover

    I dont see a problem with our 'injury record' this season or most of the last one. Welbz is injured, ok, but its not like we have our usual number of injuries. Ever injured Rosicky is no news, and it wont change at his age.
    Wilshere injury I am fine with, its almost normal at his stage... Who else? Arteta, Theo, Kos.. All good.
    Lets not go over the ymtop with this now too.,

    Also, its not a problem how we look now either. In few games real season really starts, you'll see fitness then.
    As one said, if we signed one big name, or, if we won against Pool, there would be no problems now.
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  4. tim08

    tim08 Well-Known Member

    The football insider ran a story a few days back saying Welbeck could be out for up to 6 months -

    Now both the Guardian and The Telegraph are running similar stories based on Roy Hodgson quotes saying he has been told Welbeck will not be back until Feb/March.

    The fact the club put no timescale on his return and just vaguely said 'a number of months' does not look at all encouraging. Just makes the decision from Wenger not to sign a cover striker even more ludicrous. Let's just pray Joel Campbell is this years Coquelin as I can certainly see him getting plenty of game time.
  5. Gervais

    Gervais Well-Known Member

    Thank god we signed that striker that we've needed for the last 3 years, last week.

  6. Bould14

    Bould14 Well-Known Member

    Akpom he's the future. Most probably can do anything Martial can
  7. SA Gunner

    SA Gunner Prediction Pool King Trusted

    Just like Le Coq offered a very little last December.

    Lets see what happens, instead of consulting our crystal balls. Its all hands on deck this season.
  8. SA Gunner

    SA Gunner Prediction Pool King Trusted

  9. ArsenesNO1Fan

    ArsenesNO1Fan Well-Known Member

    Kos would be a loss but I'd have confidence in Gabriel and Mert holding the fort.

    The real worry this year is if Giroud and Walcott get injured at the same time. It'd be a disaster.
  10. RandyMarsh

    RandyMarsh Established Member

    Don't worry guys, only another 2 pointless international breaks in the next 2 months where our players can pick up injuries! It's a joke.

    Hopefully that Kos one isn't true. Want to see him and Gab form a serious partnership.
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  11. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

  12. Taylor Gang Gunners

    Taylor Gang Gunners Shame is a dish best served cold Trusted


    Immense pic from that article. LOVE Santi and Mesut in the background. Brilliant day all round that.
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  13. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Prefers To Be Called Dennis

    Wasn't it post to be like 2 or 3 weeks with Welbeck first.

    This has happened before. With Rosicky, when he was out for a year and half, they said he would only be out for 1 week or 2...
  14. Hegemony

    Hegemony Well-Known Member

    I find it a infuriating because I'm not a fan of international sports, haha. Still, a lot of people get joy out of it. Not the worst thing ever I guess.

    Kos and Gab have been solid so far; hope Kos is fine. I'm actually looking forward to the duo being tested; will be interesting if they pair up for the upcoming Chelsea game.
  15. RandyMarsh

    RandyMarsh Established Member

    International games aren't that bad. It's just that Arsenal games are 1000 times better than meaningless friendlies or qualifiers against pub teams!

    It will be very interesting to see what Wenger does with Gabriel. He obviously doesn't deserve dropping but if Per is fit then i think it's 50:50 whether he comes back into the team. Not massively fussed who plays with Kos really, but it would be harsh on Gabriel to drop him this w.e.
  16. Hegemony

    Hegemony Well-Known Member

    Gabriel conundrum, indeed. Do you drop the vice-captain (essentially captain) for an in-form player? So far Gab has faced Liverpool and Newcastle; he's looked good in both despite Chambers putting a lot of pressure on him in the Liverpool game. I think he could afford to be dropped; he knows he is the future, both Per and Kos are getting on. Plus the Per+Kos partnership is established and good.

    A bit conflicting on Koscielny's injury. A couple of newspapers saying he'll miss Stoke, a couple saying he'll be fit and ready to go. I assume Mertesacker will be fit, he had a chest infection, rarely last 3 weeks.
  17. Gooner Zig

    Gooner Zig AM's Resident Accountant Trusted

    Jack's supposed to be back in full training after the international break no?
  18. HollandGooner

    HollandGooner Well-Known Member

  19. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Prefers To Be Called Dennis

    There should be some serious looking into our medical team. This can't go on for much longer.

    Can't wait until Wilshere replace Cazorla in the starting line up.
  20. juice man

    juice man Well-Known Member

    Wilshere expected back at Christmas now? That's shocking. Starting to think he might have a Diaby-esque career. Kid just cant stay fit.

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