Player Ratings - CL: Thun vs Arsenal | 22/11/05

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Legend#1, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Legend#1

    Legend#1 New Member Trusted

    The less said about the game the better.. 1st half we were solid.. 2nd half was abysmal:

    Almunia: 7 - A few good saves, especially 1 at the near post, dealt with everything well.

    Eboue: 7.5 - Brilliant going forward, caught upfield a few times and watching his man, I might be being a bit picky.

    Cygan: 3 - Went infield all the bloody time again, his lack of pace was embarrassing and was generally a headless chicken, fair enough he's out of position but we were much more stable with Lauren there.

    Sol: 7 - Better performance than usual, looked with the pace, made a couple of good interceptions in dangerous positions.

    Senderos: 7 - A very solid performance, didn't look flustered and cleared everything that come his way.

    Freddie: 2.5 - Offered absolutely nothing, had the 1st touch of a donkey.. generally awful.

    Reyes: 5 - Tried, tracked back well, made some really good cross field balls early on, but it didn't come off in the final 3rd, wasn't helped by Henry's constant sulking and absolutely lack of movement.

    Song: 6.5 - Wasn't flustered in his 1st start, broke up a few attacks, passing looked a bit nervous, but was generally solid until his injury.

    Flamini: 6.5 - I thought he was solid unlike some people, broke up attacks and run all game.

    Thierry: 1 - No movement whatsoever, constant moaning and sulking, missed a generally easy chance for him at the time he did actually make a run, passing was bad aswell, so out of character.

    RvP - 8 - My MOM, constant running, made runs galore, caught offside too many times but he shouldn't have a couple of the times, would have scored but was bought down for the red card.. and won the penalty.

    A win is a win, 5 out of 5, get in.. LOL @ United.
  2. Viper

    Viper Member

    Yeah I pretty much agree with your ratings.

    If Cygan starts the next game I will explode. When Lauren came on we looked much more comfortable in the back. If only Lauren was French..

  3. IBL

    IBL New Member Elite

    I can't be arsed to do everyones rating but you've pretty much summed up what I would have said.

    I think Cesc added a little calmness to the midfield when he came on.

    Lauren played LB during his 20 minute cameo better than Cygan had done at both Wigan and Thun.

    Pires for Henry?! Well at least he put the penalty away well.
  4. hesham

    hesham New Member

    didnt see the game any1 else care to rate
  5. yoinkster

    yoinkster New Member

    like the man said, the less said about the game the better.
    cygan was indeed abysmal, and i say that as someone who defended him after the wigan game, henry was in first gear the whole game, i think reyes was a bit better than stated, he diagonal balls on other days would have resulted in at least one goal, not quite sure what was wrong with freddie, seemed a bit worried about going forward to protect eboue or sommat anyway, certainly didnt make any seriously probing runs today. also, on almunia, i thought he shouldntve been beatne for the second goal that wasnt.
    the only other thing to say is that if the players are rated then so should the officials,
    the ref - 7 seemed alright to be fair but wasnt helped by his linesmen.
    the one that gave the penalty - 0, was rightly asked if he was blind by masceroni {sp, the thun striker}
    the other one - minus a jillion, maybe he needed medical attention or something and flagged for help but the ref thought he meant offside ... who knows, the most wrong decisions ever. how did he disallow that second goal ???
  6. dev_atdi

    dev_atdi New Member

    Cygan doesn't even deserve a rating to be honest.

    Bit harsh on Henry though to give a 1. Maybe 2? :D
  7. Gooner83

    Gooner83 New Member

    I hope Henry is not injured again!
  8. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    My ratings..

    Almunia: 6 - Not much to do but when he was called in to action he did his job well. A couple of confident catches too.

    Eboue: 6.5 - When he was running with the ball he looked extremely good, pace and tricky feet just like Toure. IMO him on the right and Lauren on the left is the way forward until Cole returns.

    Cygan: 5 - Did okay, but not a threat at all attacking wise.. really need someone else in this position.

    Sol: 7 - Solid. Worked well with Senderos.

    Senderos: 7 - Solid. Worked well with Sol. No lapses of concentration, he looked very calm and assured.

    Freddie: 3 - Poor game. Ran more than Henry but no real end product.

    Reyes: 5 - Worked hard but a frustrating night for him. Tried to dribble way too much too often.

    Song: 4 - Seems very nervous.. only saw him on the ball a few times...

    Flamini: 6 - Did well. Looks alot more comfortable on the ball compared to last season.

    Thierry: 2 - Annoying and lazy. With Thun playing such a highline it was all set up for Henry, you'd have thought he'd be in Paradise. BUT he just didn't look interested or arsed to run. Should have scored.

    RvP - 7 - Not his best game I didn't think BUT he was always a threat and looked most likely to score, also won the penalty and it was his blistering run that took Thun down to 10 men. Lovely bits of skill to get out of tight situations at times.
  9. MK5

    MK5 New Member

    Come on it wasn't that bad!

    Almunia 7, Only made to look like a fool once (Thuns second disallowed goal) which got to be counted as his second best game since he arrived.

    Eboue 7.5, Great going forward and didn't have a lot to do at the back,

    Senderos 7, Solid and never looked like making a mistake.

    Sol, 7, Solid and brought the ball out of defence very well a few times.

    Cygan 4, enough said.

    Freddie, 5. Didn't look interested.

    Flamini 6, Worked hard but his passing were sometimes pretty bad.

    Song 6, Looked better than I've seen him play for the reserves but .....

    Reyes 6, Still making things too complicated but at least he's trying.

    Van Persie 7, Enthusiastic and make things happen when he's on the ball.

    Henry 6, Didn't really look interested at times but had another good free kick from a very long distance and didn't play worse than anyone else.
  10. Viper

    Viper Member

    I'm not sure if you were watching the same game as me. Song played very well from what I saw. He played better than I expected.

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