Player Ratings - PL: Arsenal vs Newcastle United | 30/08/08

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  1. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member

    First Arsenal match I have enjoyed in ages. Ill do mine in a minute.




    Van Persie:

  2. raidersoftheark

    raidersoftheark New Member

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Probably our best performance since Milan

    Almunia: 6 Made a few good saves

    Gallas: 7
    Kolo: 6
    Sagna: 6
    Clichy: 7

    Denilson: 5 The goal clouded his overall disappointing display. We need a better CM to partner Cesc.
    Cesc: 8 Was involved in nearly all our best chances and ran his socks off dispossessing people. Great stuff.
    Eboue: 7 Thought he was better in the second half. Made a few good runs and a great assist.
    Nasri: 7 Excellent player. Gets props for his trip on Barton.

    Van Persie: 9 Brilliant today. Haven't seen him this good in about a year. Please avoid injury!
    Adebayor: 6 Missed an absolute sitter, but his link up play was good I thought.

    Vela: 7
    Walcott: 5
    Song: 6
  3. jay-d

    jay-d Member

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings


    Gallas 7
    Kolo: 7
    Sagna: 6.5
    Clichy: 7

    Denilson: 5.5
    Cesc: 7
    Eboue: 6.5
    Nasri: 7

    Van Persie: 8
    Adebayor: 7.5

    Vela: 7
    Walcott: 6.5
    Song: 6.5
  4. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia:6 - Actually had to make saves today I guess.

    Gallas:6 - Solid. Dhould have put us in the lead in the beggining though.
    Kolo:6 - Better.
    Sagna:5 - Ok.
    Clichy:6 - Solid, nutmegged Joey Barton.

    Denilson:6- **** first half, but got better. Really should be a 5 but nicely worked goal.
    Cesc:7- Nice to have him back. Was good defensively too.
    Eboue:6- Nice assist, wasn't **** today.
    Nasri:7- was actually a 6 but I gave him a 7 for the challenge on Barton.

    Van Persie:8 - Brilliant. Didn't want him to come off. And yes, that shot from the left side of the box, he meant that.
    Adebayor:6 - Much better. Wasted his one clear cut chance.

    Vela:6- Looked so lively. See Wenger? Why play Bendtner.
    Walcott:5 - Nice nutmeg on whats his name.
    Song:5 - Solid.
  5. IBL

    IBL New Member Elite

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia 6.5: did what was required

    Gallas 6: ok
    Kolo 7: played with a point to prove
    Sagna 6.5: solid
    Clichy 7: kept Guttiriez quiet and got forward well

    Denilson 6: 6 for the goal otherwise not effective
    Cesc 7: pulling the strings and making us tick
    Eboue 6.5: decent showing
    Nasri 7.5: really stood out for me today, brilliant on the ball

    Van Persie 8: two fine goal and great overall play, almost scored a cracker to complete the hat-trick
    Adebayor 7: worked hard and was selfless

    Vela 7: nice cameo, superb close control
    Walcott 6.5: full of running
    Song 6.5: shored up the backline

    Wenger: 2 if he thinks we still dont need reinforcements, 8 if he does
  6. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Agree with the comment about most entertaining game in a while. That was a joy to watch.

    Almunia: 7

    Gallas: 7
    Kolo: 8
    Sagna: 7
    Clichy: 8

    Denilson: 7
    Cesc: 8
    Eboue: 7
    Nasri: 7

    Van Persie: 8
    Adebayor: 7

    Vela: 6
    Walcott: 6
    Song: 6
  7. xcdude24

    xcdude24 New Member Trusted

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Aluminum- 6. Nothing

    Clichy- 8. Did absolutely everything today. Gave his man absolutely no space, tackled brilliantly, and did well enough going forward.
    Gallas- 7
    Toure- 7.5
    Sagna- 6.5

    Nasri- 7
    Cesc- 7
    Denilson- 5.5
    Eboue- 6. 5

    RVP- 8.5. Great game. Hope his knock isn't anything too serious, but we all know RVP...
    Ade- 6. Played with intensity, but nothing worked.

    Vela- 7
    Song- 5.5
    Walcott- 6.5
  8. HollandGooner

    HollandGooner Well-Known Member

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia: 6 nothing to do so?

    Gallas 7
    Kolo: 7
    Sagna: 6,5
    Clichy: 7

    Denilson: 6,5 picked up his level second half.
    Cesc: 7 even when quiet, still so important.
    Eboue: 7
    Nasri: 7

    Van Persie: 8,5
    Adebayor: 7,5

  9. arsmile

    arsmile Well-Known Member

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Al- 7- actually had a couple of saves to make today- did well with them all

    Sagna-7- good in attack and defense

    Kolo-7-annoyed he was picked over djourou, but was solid- wasn’t really tested, nearly scored twice- got a long shot on target

    Gallas-7- same of toure really- when we don’t need leadership from him I’ve got no complaints

    Eboue-8- right, if you ignore everything he did last season, he’s actually been one of our best players so far this season- fantastic assist, he does seem to have a great awareness- and as long as he dosent need to pass it more than 5 yards he’s brilliant at the little flicks and stuff..I’ve argued that he is quite a composed player- I find his personality a bit infectious, diving little mfffkbbuffa- I’m getting his name on the back of my shirt...fact, after his assist everyone ignored robin to hug him- he has an important role in the squad

    Cesc-8- he adds more than his own performance to the team’s output- there is a genuine lift- leadership if you will, same imaginative passing, great tackling too- good booking, a lot of the ‘fight and grit’ in our team comes from him

    Denilson-7- started off looking like he was still playing Fulham with a few misplaced passes, grew into the game- great goal...he is still my favourite to take that position (over diaby) should we not bring anyone in- if he played the next 10 games straight- I think a lot of the rubbish would be cut out off his game-

    Nasri-9- thought he was an extra .5 for kicking barton, worked really hard in defense as well as up front- influence was hleb like, but I actually had an expection of soem end product which I never had with hleb, it makes me all the more disappointed in him for not taken on some of the creative burden againt fulhma- mind you, being realistic- it was his second game for us...but in the future- if we are missing cesc- I will be looking for nasri to do something

    Vanpersie-8- can’t argue with 2 goals, good penalty, and right place right time for eboue....nearly scored at ridiculous angle before going off also- hope he’s ok

    Ade-9- thought he was brilliant- worked hard, played a part in all three goals- cut back on the stupid offsides, really played for the team and not his ego- good on him

    Song-6- did fine

    Theo-6- about tthe same positives and negatives- got into good positions- then did nothing when he got there

    Vela-6.5- was dangerous, looked sharp- as one footed with his left as robin and Eduardo...not a massive issue though if he’s clever about what he does
  10. kel varnsen

    kel varnsen New Member Trusted

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    7 for all of them, except van persie who deserves an 8 and denilson who i'd only give a 5.
  11. giuliob

    giuliob New Member

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    5.5 = average

    Almunia: 6.5 Took care of what little business there was at his door.

    Gallas: 7 Did all that was necessary.
    Kolo: 7.5 Much improved; showed some spark; an almost goal.
    Sagna: 6.5 A decent enough game.
    Clichy: 7. Another decent performance with an almost goal

    Denilson: 6 Miserable 1st half. And surefooted on the goal.
    Cesc: 7.5 Excellent game; All round defending continues to improve.
    Eboue: 7 Good to see that assist; some decent runs
    Nasri: 7.5 Man, I like to watch this kid play; tough bugger with lots of finesse.

    Van Persie: 8 Breakout game; worked very hard.
    Adebayor: 7 Hard worker and hungry; watch out whoever is next on the schedule.

    Vela: 6
    Walcott: 6
    Song: 6
  12. Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia: 7 Made a good save from Owen's header and stopped a few long range efforts.

    Gallas: 6 Solid, great to see him stand up for Nasri at the end
    Kolo: 6 Really wanted him to get a goal and came close on a few occasions.
    Sagna: 6
    Clichy: 7 Never stopped running

    Denilson: 6 Took his goal well but still doesn't look to be the man that should partner Cesc.
    Cesc: 8 Great to see him back, we really missed him and you could see why.
    Eboue: 7 Credit to him today, I thought he was good and got a assist as well.
    Nasri: 7 Really beginning to like this lad. Top quality player and good to see him trip Barton at the end.

    Van Persie: 9 He needed a goal to get going, now that he has got it let's hope he can build from that and stay injury free.
    Adebayor: 7 Worked very hard for the team and deserved a goal.

    Vela: 6 Showed some good touches
    Walcott: 6 Missed a decent opportunity but looked dangerous
    Song: 5 Steady as you can be
  13. Clrnc

    Clrnc Well-Known Member Trusted

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia: 6 - theres something very wrong with his saving hand

    Gallas: 7
    Kolo: 6.5 - defensive headers need to be improved
    Sagna: 7
    Clichy: 7

    Denilson: 6 - he seriously can't last a season
    Cesc: 7
    Eboue: 6
    Nasri: 8 - fantastic. should be taking corners and freekick ahead of cesc

    Van Persie: 8 - just when the real rvp is back, he gets injured
    Adebayor: 7 - worked hard, nothing went his way though

    Vela: 6.5
    Walcott: 6.5
    Song: 6.5
  14. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia - 7 Had nearly nothing to do, but what, did they score? No, seven.

    Defense - 7 The same, Gallas should have scored, Toure two good shots, Sagna plus Clichy were good enough.

    Cesc - 8. Without Cesc, Arsenal is like a cheeseburger without cheese and that speaks for itself.
    Eboue - 7.5 Well done, finally.
    Denilson - 6 Average for me.
    Nasri - 8 For that great tackle on the psycho (Sorry Psycho) Barton.

    Strikers 8, Persie 2 goals, Ade 2 assists, no need to say more I guess, maybe just that Ade used to have a smile on his face in the games like the today´s.

    Vela - 7, looks good for the future.
    Song N/A Didn´t notice he was there.
    Walcott 6, He should have scored.
  15. otfgoon

    otfgoon New Member

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia: 6 - Not a lot to do but his distribution was poor.

    Gallas: 7 - Not a lot to do again but solid.
    Kolo: 7 - See Gallas
    Sagna: 7 - Not his best performance going forward but solid as always
    Clichy: 8 - Another quality performance from Geal

    Denilson: 7 - Solid preformance topped off by a goal, like I said he'd be a quality backup if we sign someone.
    Cesc: 6 - Not even close to his best, but by anyone elses standards it would have been a good performance.
    Eboue: 6 - Did well today, great set up for Robins goal.
    Nasri: 8 - I love this guy, tempted to give him a ten for tripping Barton.

    Van Persie: 8 - More like the Robin we all love and know, hopefully the injury is minor.
    Adebayor: 7 - Much better Ade, keep this up and the haters will soon be appeased.

    Vela: 7 - How good could this guy be potentially?
    Walcott: 6 - Lively when he came on, could have done a few things better mind.
    Song: 6 - Didnt do much.
  16. ricky1985

    ricky1985 Well-Known Member Elite

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    My Rating's;

    Aluminum - 6. Nothing

    Clichy - 8. Best fullback in the world. Bar none.
    Gallas - 7. Played well, up against the big target man; Shola Ameobi.
    Touré - 7.5. Guess who's back. Played like he wanted more than everyone else.
    Sagna - 7. Didnt do much attacking but was very solid.

    Nasri - 8. I think I love him. Has absolutely everything. Just wait till him and Fabregas have played together for a while. Stood up for himself against that animal Barton as well.
    Cesc - 7. Another 90 minutes under his belt. Controlled the proceedings...obviously.
    Denilson - 7. Amazing how much his confidence grew after he scored that magnificent goal. He is close to being good enough, do we halt his progress in a chase for silverware and buy a centre midfielder? Big question Wenger has to answer.
    Eboue - 7. Did brillianty for the goal. Played well generally.

    RVP - 9. Looked phenomeal today. Linked play, made runs in behind, and looked very, very dangerous. Please God let te injury he picked up be nothing.
    Ade - 8. Thought he looked awesome today. Power, pace and intelligence. It just wouldnt happen today, but I'll be astonished if he doesnt get 25 Leaue goals.

    Vela - 7. He just adds to the excitement, looked an immense talent when he came on. Ready to contribute now!
    Song - 6. Did his thing proficiently.
    Walcott - 6. Bit like Adebayor, didnt quite happen today, but some great moments nontheless.
  17. ricky1985

    ricky1985 Well-Known Member Elite

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    I am guessing that was good for you Kel? You dont see as overjoyed as I thought you'd be.
  18. banduan

    banduan New Member

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia 7 - two good saves is enough
    Sagna 8 - good defending is enough
    Toure 7 - habib just wants a goal
    Gallas 8 - solid defending, back in business
    Clichy 8 - super defender needs better crosses
    Eboue 7 - some pure brilliance, some rubbish
    Cesc 7 - introducing our new flamini replacement
    Denilson 6 - introducing our new ces- nah...
    Nasri 9 - battling performance masks calm composure
    RVP 8 - great goals and link play
    Ade 9 - performance did not need goals (MotM)

    Vela 6 - tenacious but must quicken passing
    Theo 6 - good passing bad finish -weird
    Song 6 - lumbering ox, strong one too

    Wenger 7 - rotation seems to have worked

    Ref (name?) 4 - petty, incosistent and not sharp

    edit: updated denilson's score as I rounded down instead of up, also added boss and ref score
  19. kamikaze80

    kamikaze80 New Member Elite

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia: 7

    Gallas: 6
    Kolo: 8
    Sagna: 7
    Clichy: 8

    Denilson: 5
    Cesc: 7
    Eboue: 7
    Nasri: 8

    Van Persie: 7 - decision-making was still off, still dropping too deep
    Adebayor: 8 - great work rate and opened up space for others

    Vela: 7 - great ideas, just didnt execute. really like the looks of him though
    Walcott: 6
    Song: n/a
  20. DC Gunner

    DC Gunner New Member

    Re: Arsenal v Newcastle match ratings

    Almunia: 7 Did what he needed to do

    Gallas 7
    Kolo: 7
    Sagna: 6.5
    Clichy: 7.5

    Denilson: 6 [would have been a 3 but the goal should count for something]
    Cesc: 6.5
    Eboue: 7
    Nasri: 7.5

    Van Persie: 8
    Adebayor: 7.5

    Vela: 6.5
    Walcott: 6

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