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Discussion in 'Players' started by kamikaze80, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. GaelForce22

    GaelForce22 New Member Trusted

    So then what was the reason behind the change to one thread for every player a year ago?
  2. James

    James New Member Elite

    I think it just slowly turned into that. One player thread turned into the need for having them for every single player.

    It's so much better already than it was before.
  3. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    Aaaah, I get it now. Can´t believe I did not get the hang of it before, what a stupid guy I´m...

    Jonathan had a birthday a few days ago, all the Trusted, Elite members and Mods had a great party, they were evidently having a good time, some of the mods said they could make up a joke as most of A-M members seem to be dissaponited by the Hull defeat so they locked all the threads of our players. Have to say it was a good one guys, really. :lol:

    Thanks for a good laugh, time to stop it now...
  4. McIntyre

    McIntyre Well-Known Member

    I hate to be elitist, especially since I didn't get promoted all THAT long ago, but I really like the fact you use the lobby to filter who's in the forum.

    Promote people who are posting good stuff in the lobby by all means but don't start promoting people just to try and get a bit of banter going in the main forum.

    Most of those who can't be bothered to serve their time in the lobby don't deserve to be able to post in the main forum. And some of those who slog away relentlessly in the lobby are deservedly doing so because they'll happily abuse people at the drop of a hat and won't let grudges drop.

    We have banter in the main forum and mouth off to each other but it doesn't get childish (well, not too childish anyway :wink: ) like some other forums.

    Obviously, you moderators know what you're doing and I respect you for it but I'm just saying, don't drop your standards just for the sake of upping the numbers on the forum. A good crowd have made it through so far so you're obviously doing okay so far.
  5. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    You'll probably find a lot of the inactivity in the forum compared to years back is due to the introduction of the transfer window system. Most peeps think "Right we're stuck with this lot til January - I aint got much to say" Bet the daily average post count (match days aside) is genearlly higher in the summer months and Dec/Jan.
  6. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member

    Well there seems to be a lot more Eboue threads. Not that you can ever have enough.

    Was that part of the plan guys?

    I liked the organized nature of the players threads but it did get very tedious and repetitive I suppose.

    The Adebayor/Senderos threads took the piss.
  7. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    I think the best thing to do would be to say 'general comments go in threads in here'. anything based on a new article (whether in a paper or by a poster) must be in the main forum. i generally like this forum and the idea of player threads.
  8. number_0

    number_0 Member

    I agree with Sabs here personally...
  9. hesham

    hesham New Member

    Prefer it this way tbh, you get to talk about specific subjects and move on to something else, instead of the endless cycle of the same topics being discussed over and over again in the player threads. was dificult to keep up with what was being said
  10. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    As much as I hate to admit it, it looks like I was wrong a few days ago. I have no time to post in these days and will not have much time in the next few weeks as well but when I have only a little free time, I read all the new threads and posts in the Arsenal talk and have to say that the quality of posts and variety of things we can talk about have increased a lot with the change you have made so ehm, well done. ;)

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