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    Hello all
    Im currently in the process of creating a book entitled 'Poetry on the Terraces' which will include football chants, anthems and (hopefully) poems from football fans themselves about their club, players, favourite games etc etc.

    If you would be interested then you can email me - poetryontheterraces@gmail.com and I will promise to get back to you or post one below. Also if you have any chants that you think are worthy of featuring post below.

    Here is an example that we have from a West Bromwich Albion fan:

    Children of Albion
    Burger vans
    Aluminium cans
    He sits in the stand
    Next to the far right wing
    Sings obscenities at flash young queens
    The King in '68 at Wembley
    A tattoo on his arm of Psalm 23
    In pastures green he leadeth me
    Another Saturday Another sweet F.A.

    Casuals on Charlie
    Uniformed in Burberry
    And late night pub philosophy
    Sort of bloke that wont think twice
    Before calling you a c-u-n-t
    So fight fight wherever you may be
    We are the boys from the Black Country
    And we'll beat you up whoever you may be
    Another Saturday another sweet F.A.

    Star of CCTV
    Sunday league
    Small town mentality
    In the Halfords, Brummy,
    East stand and Smethwick every week
    A skinhead choir in harmony
    Sing mere mortals into immortality
    But he shines in a 9-2-5 not 4-4-2
    Lifes a game you win some you lose
    Another Saturday Another sweet F.A.
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