Post COVID-19 Can we win the league?

Can we win the league in the next few seasons?

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Can't win it in the next 2 seasons. Liverpool will be there about a, City favourites.

The timing isn't too bad really, we need to turn the squad over in the next 2-3 seasons anyway.

Top 4 is always a realistic goal. Best case is we finish 6th. If we were to look ahead who can we chase down? Leicester - definitely.
Then one of Chelsea and utd - why not. United in good form ATM but will finish on about the same points as last season. 66ish despite spending another £200m.

Chelsea - Werner, ziyech. But unless they address their horrible back five they will continue to drop points.

In any case, we won't be catching them unless we buy 2-3 quality footballers to improve the XI.


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We're fair away from winning the league, we need to get back in the Champions League first. The only way we're gonna start competing again is if we spend like 200m but actually on defenders and midfielders that will make us better not guys like Özil, Lacazette, Pepe & Auba that cost around the same in total.


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If you start spending 200/300M TODAY, that still only puts you on par with City, Utd, Chelsea Liverpool, you are not doing anything more.

Let’s just become a Champions League club again, develop a strong team, strong culture, maybe a few signings will blow up in many years to come and one day give us a push at the title.

Under Stan you are relying on luck really, or all the cards falling in the right place, which rarely happens.


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Another variable has to be new ownership of other clubs. Massive injection of cash-flow can bring in another contender into the mix... isn’t that what happened or is happening with Newcastle?

hard to predict as that can go either way, but the league is getting more and more competitive whichever way you look at it. I think sticking with Mikel will pay dividends in the end, but it’s just how much, we don’t know.


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If you start spending 200/300M TODAY, that still only puts you on par with City, Utd, Chelsea Liverpool, you are not doing anything more.

Let’s just become a Champions League club again, develop a strong team, strong culture, maybe a few signings will blow up in many years to come and one day give us a push at the title.

Under Stan you are relying on luck really, or all the cards falling in the right place, which rarely happens.

Thats cold and brutal but true.


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With a better owner, sure. With the current lot.....


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Last year people said top 4 would never be as easy to attain yet 3rd was there for the taking again in 19/20. Impossible to predict next season but Liverpool will drop off just like City did after nearly 200 points in 2 seasons. The signs are already there for them.

I agree that they will almost definitely drop off but still fancy Pool to get top Four no matter how tired they get.

City obviously as well and Utd with the youngest squad in the league will almost definitely be better than they are now, especially if they add Sancho.

Chelsea could be interesting, Lampard hasn’t got a working defence and although his CB options are patchy they seem to be going big for attacking players.

I think it’s a year too soon for us already unless something drastic happens but 2021/22 with a more flexible wage sheet and some of the Hale End lads getting better I think we could challenge for the title if we buy well in the next three windows. Pep and Klopp could well be gone by then and City and Pool rebuilding.


There are too many teams with 1) more money / engaged owners and 2) better players than us already. We’re miles behind Liverpool and City, but even if they fall off as their squads age (in actuality, they’ll reinvest more than we’ll invest), Chelsea and United have already-better-than-us teams that are on the upswing.

Sp**s, Leicester, and Wolves aren’t going anywhere either.

It’s only really plausible if Martinelli, Saka, and one other young player become 3 of the best ~10 players in the league, before they’re poached by richer clubs.

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Not a chance. We've simply ****ed up too much these last few years. Wasted too much money to only end up much worse than when we used to spend **** all. There's too much to do to bridge a gap which widening constantly. Like I'm not sure if top 4 is even feasible in the coming years. You've got Chelsea spending and bring in quality, United spend big every window and are slowly building a top side.

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Top 4 will be a miracle. Liverpool and City will fight it out for the title. Utd and Chelsea are looking to push on. Leicester and Wolves look well run and organised. Sp**s font look like disappearing. Newcastle may be cash rich. That's 8 teams all with done star potential to bail them out whilst we have the worst CB and MF I can remember. Finishing in the top half of the table will be a struggle and I havent even factored in the annual surprise club. We need European football yoo apparently do I'll revist this thread after the FA Cup tomorrow.


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Personally, I don’t think we’re winning the league as long as Stan Kroenke is in charge and we stick with this self sustaining model. It’s impossible to be self sustaining especially with the spending power of the likes of City, Chelsea and Utd. Liverpool got really lucky with the way they profited from the Coutinho, Ings, Ibe etc transfers and how they managed to land Salah and Mane on the cheap without any real competition.

I saw someone mention on the first page that these things go in cycles and I agree but I don’t think we’re anywhere close to being in that next cycle, it’s the likes of Utd and Chelsea with the way they’re addressing their squads.

We have to spend or get left behind.

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No,it's too early for that.

City and Liverpool are still very strong sides and reckon that they will set to dominate in next season as well.City had some ups and downs this season and players didn't look so pumped up to fight for title once again and some injuries didn't help.As long,Pep is there and they have this group of players it will be hard to compete with them.Expect Liverpool to have more bad patches,while they didn't look impressive this season,but Klopp made well oiled machine there and they have proper mentality to get good results.Their trio can make difference all the time.

Hope that we can have serious fight for top 4 next season,but i would give advantage to Chelsea and Utd to get there.Lampard is already close to get CL with small expetations and with transfer ban,so their new players would make them better of course.Ole also turned around the corner with giving some younger players chance and they play very good since January.Utd can also spend big money on quality players,so their dark patch is probably over.

Sp**s and Leicester are kinda mystery for next season.Leicester was good in first half of the season and used bad season from big 6,so it's big question if they can keep that up.And how many players will they sell in this transfer window ? Sp**s can also be without Kane,Son and some other in next season,so it''ll be tougher for them.Mourinho's second season was usually good in other clubs,but he needs to solve big things there to compete for top 4.

Overall,expect fight for top 4 from Arsenal.


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I've copied the transfer spending over the past five seasons. We are third in the list but not anywhere near the top of the table. (Source)

Manchester United€-109.90m€-64.80m€-153.62m€-52.15m€-152.90m
Manchester City€-88.70m€-100.15m€-88.52m€-20.99m€-226.15m
Arsenal FC€-134.70m€-66.85m€-106.75m€-71.05m€5.15m
Chelsea FC€2.35m€-188.40m€112.27m€-125.55m€-65.90m
Everton FC€6.00m€-70.45m€-33.20m€-71.15m€-76.82m
Tottenham Hotspur€-34.20m€-97.20m€-84.00m€5.35m€-19.70m
West Ham United€-71.50m€-9.29m€-64.57m€-86.04m€12.22m
Aston Villa€27.18m€-98.58m€-156.50m€-2.95m€15.03m
Brighton & Hove Albion€5.50m€-7.90m€-66.44m€-73.60m€-66.10m
Wolverhampton Wanderers€5.20m€-5.60m€-92.60m€-89.45m€-18.29m
Liverpool FC€-12.50m€-65.45m€34.10m€-140.88m€10.62m
Leeds United€-58.90m€-105.80m€30.40m€-4.10m€-10.93m
Newcastle United€-29.40m€-38.73m€-37.26m€-8.70m€-25.28m
Leicester City€-63.60m€-4.23m€-15.80m€-18.80m€-33.75m
Crystal Palace€-73.44m€-2.40m€47.78m€-11.50m€-45.95m
Burnley FC€-22.60m€1.20m€-10.30m€-25.00m€14.26m
Southampton FC€17.27m€-11.00m€-34.20m€-36.15m€37.10m
Watford FC€-5.95m€50.60m€-23.10m€21.74m€-54.66m
Norwich City€-27.75m€30.72m€-6.62m€32.15m€18.52m
Brentford FC€-37.20m€54.70m€6.27m€28.40m€3.85m

This is an insane amount of money spent without any returns yet.

What would you think our long term plans should be? Do you think that the players we have can bring us back to the top-4? Do you think a new manager would help?


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I agree we've been wasteful with our recruitment, but I think a bigger problem is with our selling.

Our net spend is so high here because we barely get funds for any of our players.

We've been pursuing a policy of buying older players, to get us back in the CL in the short term, but the gamble has failed and we've been stuck with older, declining players that we can't get fees for.

Chelsea for example look roughly on par with us, despite spending far more than us, because they have sold players like Hazard, Morata, Costa, Oscar, Courtois, Abraham in the last 3-4 years.


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It's true, we're top of the borderline/histrionic personality disorder table.
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I think we could win the league again in the next 4-5 years, Football changes very fast. We would need a perfect storm for it to happen though

A top class manager.

A high percentage of signings being spot on.

One or two academy players becoming World class, think Bale at Sp**s or TAA at Liverpool.

A bit of luck.

Keep spending on quality.

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