Premier League 19/20: Matchday 28 (Feb 28-Mar 1)

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Rex Banter

Got Swerved By Gallas
I don’t know if de Gea was getting there though?

Feel the deflection from Maguire completely wrong footed him if you watch his movement.


One Arsène Wenger
I see why it was ruled out, but it would have been a goal anyway.. Not sure how much he really interferred with the play there.

Juan Matas Beard

Friendly Mancunian facial hair
Who actually signs De Gea though? Considering the wage he’ll demand and he’s looking like he’s been in decline for the past couple of seasons he won’t be easy to shift surely? Regardless of that Henderson should certainly be your number one next season!

Not sure but if we can afford to pay Sanchez to **** off elsewhere, we should do the same for De Gea.

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