Premier League 19/20: Matchday 30 (June 17-June 22)

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Yeah they'll play their 2nd leg vs Madrid but after that it'll be a single tie knockout tournament in Lisbon.

I think Bayern will be up there in terms of favourites too tho, I would've said PSG but lack of football could harm them.

Should be some attractive football in CL.Atalanta score so many goals,Bayern,City,RB Leipzig and PSG are very offensive sides.Atletico is just complete opposite.


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Mahrez is another I got constant death threats for wanting.

I've never watched a better player in the PL than the Mahrez when Leicester won the league.

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A bit of optimism in terms of what's to come from Pepe, remember Mahrez was hugely out of favour with Pepe because he wasn't doing enough in Pep's eyes (of course out situation and City's is incredibly different) but with time Mahrez has adapted to what Pep wants without losing what makes him special and he's as productive as ever.


Özil at 10 And Emery Out

they found the pilot already lmao
Wait isn’t that.......

... @Manberg


Özil at 10 And Emery Out
Btw City's midfield is so lightweight with zero passion merchants. Anyone who talks about us lacking imposing presence is just parroting talking points. Our midfield is physcially stronger and taller than theirs. It's just pure talent that we lack
Don’t tell this to the athleticism mafia