Premier League 19/20: Matchday 33 (July 4-6)


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Everton are useless. Really poor. Failed to put any pressure on Sp**s. Sp**s looked bad too, I hope they play like that against us. If they do we'll beat them.

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Had so much hope for the stadium move back then ffs :lol:

Lovely goal by Arteta in that vid.

Our boy Arteta just came to EPL back than and now he is manager of Arsenal :lol:.

We were good against top sides in that season,just lost too many points at Emirates against smaller sides.It was just beginning of New Era.


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Wasn’t it Spain that kind of broke Jose?

Didn't win CL and all pressure was on him to get that.Had one of the best sides in history as competition in La Liga.

It was too much for him and he was never good like in Porto,Inter and first time in Chelsea.


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Pulisic is going to win so many fouls and penalties in his career at Chelsea, but my god opposition fans are going to hate him. He already looks like a right little sh*t. Also has the biggest f*cking adam's apple i've ever seen. He looks like G.I. Joe but in a tiny body.