Premier League 20/21: Gameweek 31 (April 9-12)


Cazorla (not Cazorla ffs)
How do you lot watch us play awful week after week and still have the interest to watch other teams play? Isn't it even more depressing?
With the year long COVID limitations to what you could do I found the PL matches a real blessing. Plus some teams like Leeds have been a real breath of fresh air. I love to watch them play. That to me is how to play entertaining football!

Juan Matas Beard

Friendly Mancunian facial hair
The same 300 Million investment was floundering under Lampard, and they say it's not the manager.

Yeah, if anyone ever wanted to make a case study on whether a manager makes a difference on a talented group of individuals. Tuchel after Lampard has to be some of the prime subjects, same for Zidane and Flick - those clubs appeared to be going nowhere until they joined mid-season.


Shivering Right Now
Dyche/Burnley are just a repeat of Pulis/Stoke. When they finally go down he’ll get another couple of PL gigs but won’t have the same impact, Burnley is just a perfect fit, everything about them is anti-football.


Keane and Redknapp having another tiff over Sp**s. Keane saying failure is in their DNA while Jamie Redknapp saying Jose should be doing better.

I agree with Jamie. How can Keane keep talking about their DNA? That’s just letting Jose off.

Also, wasn’t Jose hired to change their culture and “DNA”?

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