Premier League 20/21: Gameweek 32 (April 16-22)


King of Twitter Rumours
now Gary and Jamie will say Leeds should be ahead of 3rd best english club and Sp**s because they draw against Liverpool.


Questionable Taste
"1st half was red, 2nd half was white". Quality commentating that, they should be pink with shame.


Shivering Right Now
Sky will be gutted if Leeds don’t win.
Still behind The Arsenal, cry your eyes out @GaryNeville


King of Twitter Rumours

this like Fulham yesterday celebrating their only shot on target against us. they embarrassing themselves about something could not happen.


Sky are pathetic. They’ve lost most of their other sport, if the PL gets devalued they’d fold.
No Spanish football, didn’t show England in India this summer, I switched on to watch the US Open tennis few years ago and saw they lost it, and then saw they lost ALL the tennis, apparently Eddie Hearn is leaving with his boxing. Don’t show any American boxing bow anyway.

I cut it off 2 months ago. Massive rip off.

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  • Arsenal win but are knocked out 👎🏻

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