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Premier League 2022/23

Do you believe we can win the Premier League?

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We'll land anywhere between 5th and 7th. Most likely 6th.
Top 2 are City and Pool. League winner will depend on which of Nunez or Haaland hits the road running.
Can't make a prediction about the rest until th transfer window is closed.

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Depends on whether we get in our targets. Also we assume we have our key players available for most of this season.

L Martinez, Tielemans, Fabio Vieira, G Jesus, Raphinha and we are looking good for a top four challenge.

Anything more, especially upfront, and we can think about 3rd.


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As it stands I'd say 5th or 6th with a run to the Quarter/SF of the Europa. Domestic cups are a lottery early on so hopefully we can get some decent draws.


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Dont really see us getting CL with Michael Teta in charge. 5th or 6th. Hopefully that would get him sacked.


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Anything can happen with that world cup in the middle, gut feeling says 6th right now with Pool, City, Chelsea, Sp**s and one of West Ham, Man United ahead of us

Not sure if Chelsea will implode or not, on paper top 4 is perfectly possible due to our stability, but our football doesn't deserve it, so the league will have to be an utter ****show again for us to get it.


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Too early to make a prediction, imo. Have to see how the signings shake up. City and Liverpool are still a tier above the rest, though, and I doubt that changes.

SA Gunner

Hates Tierney And Wants Him Sold Immediately

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Heart says 4th, brain says 5th again.

Would prefer to just win the Europa though.

We can do both really.

If we add all our current targets (G Jesus, Raphinha, Martinez, Tielemans), integrate Saliba, re-sign Saka and Saliba and bring in another attacker... then watch us this season. Let the media talk, we'll do the business. Re-signing Saka and Saliba is just something I've added because well we need our starboys to be around :)

If we dont do anything more this window and use what we currently have now, then the season will be too much for us, I'd say 6-8th.


Don't see us breaking into the CL this year, unless a few of the younger players take significant leaps. City and Liverpool are on a different planet, Chelsea still a cut above, Sp**s should improve, and there's no way United is as putrid as last year (and even if they are, there are still 4 better teams besides them).

Should still be a good season to watch – lots of young, energetic talent on the upswing.

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We'll finish 6th behind United in 5th who'll sack ten Hag long before we sack Tets.

Jesus will end up getting 4 more goals than his highest City tally & he'll be hailed as a success by the few Tets supporters remaining by the season's end.

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