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Premier League 2023/24: Our Race Is Run

Where do we finish in 23/24?

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Wolves isn't easy but we have one target now. And it's about how much we want it. Take a day off tomorrow and go for it. City have four away games, if they drop points we have to be there.

Wolves have nothing to play for. The minimum I want is that urgency that something is on the line.

City going through tonight is actually good for us of course. Best case scenario is playing out for us to potentially win the title

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Just finish 2nd and get over it with the fatigue and mental problems with this team I'd be surprised if we even get something from utd or Sp**s

I'm more worried about we gonna be more awful need to pick ourselves up just there still 6 games to play


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Now we simply have to win the remaining 6/6 games and hope. Or a draw at max and end up at 87 points. I'd be fine even if we don't win the title after that. 87 points and qf in cl is good season IMO

I think we'd prove a lot if we did that.

For one it'd prove that we can actually handle the pressure of the home stretch, even with a slip against Villa.

I just hope our players don't throw in the towel, there's absolutely no need to when there's literally just two points between us and City and we have the quality to beat all 6 of the teams we're up against.

I don't care what anybody says, I believe we've been the best team in the league in 2024 so let's start behaving like it and fold these teams.


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Not sure if coneboy can salvage anything from this season.
He hates the academy so not even a chance to bring in some competition for saka, Martinelli and havertz to wind up the season.
I predicted 3rd place at the start of the season, when we scraped past a 41 year old pepe whilst we were on the stat padding run, and remains the case for the end of the season.


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Really big ask but gotta be said, win 6 more and win the league boys.

At least show SOMETHING.


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Arteta needs to rotate vs Wolves otherwise Chelsea will out run us at the Emirates with their athletic forwards.

The likes of Ben White has played far too much minutes especially with his knees, rest him vs Wolves and play Tomi RB. Drop Saka vs Wolves for Jesus RW.

Sp**s players are not playing this week and they have runners outwide who will stretch us plus it's a derby and they will give it a go.

Arteta's man-management and squad management skills will be really tested in these last 6 games, he needs to finish the season as strong as possible, we can't get less points than last season or Poch Sp**s :lol:

Have some pride and finish strong for crying out loud.


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We’ll win the league. Backing us to respond. City will lose twice. We’re going unbeaten from now til the end of the season


Patronize me again and I'll destroy you 😖

Country: Northern Ireland
He'll be along shortly to deliver another brilliant soliloquy which naysayers, like your good self, will lambast & ignore as if we don't find ourselves in a state of advanced malaise right now.

You win some you lose some. There’s 6 games left, this divides the real fans from the cry babies. You know which one you are, as does lord Farquhar.
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