Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 13 (Nov 27 & 28)

Blankety Blank

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Rafa doesnt last the season for me. All that money they have spent and they still look 11 players short of a good team.

Everton have gone with experienced proven world respected managers recently in Carlo & Rafa.
A lot of people thought we should have employed Carlo post emery but we went down the youth route.
People said Everton should have got Arteta?

Many on here though were twerkin for Rafa after a few games at Everton.

A lot of Everton & Villa fans tbh were feeling pretty confident about overtaking us this season. Its a long season dont forget Everton were near the top late last year.

Many on this forum went into meltdown when Villa got Buendia & we overpaid for not needed signings like Ramsdale & White.

ts just so hard nowadays. Only so many teams can be successful & the standard at the top is insanely high.

TBF to Rafa who is a very decent proven manager he hasnt spent the money.

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