Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 15 (Dec 4-6)


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Rodgers is such a loser, I seriously cannot believe how long A-M was on its knees for him.

Meanwhile Gerrard having an instant impact at Villa.
Remember when we beat Leicester and the Athletic published 17 articles about that win as if we just won the CL or something?


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Glad Leicester lost, can vote for them to beat Newcastle now, as we should have a good gap on them at that point.

Feel a win tomorrow will be massive for our players mentally, tbh... can't he dropping points.
I said he's not bad, I didn't say he was world class.
Those stats are actually bad. He's a championship level player who got lucky with his agent getting him contracts at top teams.
Jose paid 40million for this. He has more yellow cards than he has goals in the league :facepalm:

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