Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 23 (Jan 21-23)

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big Dunc going 4-4-f**king 2. i like Villa line up they have good team maybe few good addition and they can easily be top 8 team.


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What’s your beef with Villa dawg

Classic grand ol Clube de Futbol Ínstitutioñ

Great club...1 good thing.

Dislike Emi and scummy fans (with some disgusting chants about Arsène at The Emirates) ...2 bad things.

Numbers don't lie.


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Watching the cross dresser now as we speak but Coutinho is the one catching my eye.
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I started clapping myself... until I realised that I was Sunderland's manager.

Peter Reid after Bergkamp's goal against Sunderland.

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