Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 37 (May 15-19)


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I've seen a lot of Sp**s fans admitting that a team like Burnley is exactly the type of team they struggle against. Although they're at home and you'd expect them to win, you never know. But again, I'm more worried about our tendency to bottle it against Newcastle/Everton.. Massive massive 8 days coming up.. Our league table position will have significant long term consequences whether good or bad


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Can't see Burnley doing much tomorrow...though you never know, "Spursy" afterall...

Think it will come down to if we have it in us, to beat Newcastle away.

Do think whoever is 4th after our game on Monday, will stay 4th.

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All eyes on Burnley other than that i really don't care about other fixtures.

Everton will be safe if they win against Brentford.


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We love you Burnley we do
We love you Burnley we do
We love you Burnley we doooo
Oh Burnley we love you

Can you hear the Preston sing
I can’t hear a ****ing thing

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