Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 37 (May 15-19)


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I was coming here to say something nice about Everton, but then I saw this ****. ****ing ****! Hope we tear them a new one over the weekend! That **** is just uncalled for behaving like that against Vieira! :mad:
Always going to be some idiots who ruin it for everyone else.

Great scene:
As if they just won the league! :lol: Happy for Iwobi.


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Seems we finally have common ground. Hope we batter them.
Mate, I am holding out against hope. I still refuse to give up hope that Norwich somehow beat Sp**s and we defeat Everton. Would just be the sweetest of sweet if that could happen. Just to stick one to Sp**s and Gary Neville! :drool:
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It's started.

Typical British media. Lampard will be the new Mark Hughes, going around getting jobs everywhere without having much to show for it. Everton have been picking up the same amount of points on average as they did under Benitez. They’d do well to thank Lampard for keeping them up and then bring in a decent manager.


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Mmm yeah after Billy Sharp getting headbutted by a fan of course club staff are going to take no ****


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Why do you feel the need to constantly name call and attack Yousif? Grow up.
Why you quoting a post from nearly a week ago? He called me a troll when I questioned him and then put me on ignore for just questioning his posting after defeats.

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